Look Up

That is the unstoppable direction that the interest rates from the Bank of England are taking. They just raised their rate for the second time in three months. The country may appear unstable with all the seemingly knee-jerk rate hikes, but let’s call this what it is.

The UK is taking the lead in the battle against skyrocketing inflation throughout all of Europe. All the other countries are doing (in my not-so-humble opinion) squat. They complain loudly enough about it, but are doing absolutely nothing with any sense of immediacy.

As always, it is the people who suffer.

America, we’re heading there too.

Argentina was recently dealt a deadly blow (pardon the pun) when nineteen people died from ingesting tainted cocaine.

Normally, I mostly talk shit with absolutely no stake in the game, no knowledge (or very little knowledge) whatsoever of the subject I pick to write about.

But I can tell you a little bit about cocaine.

As someone who was way over my head and way out of my league, I am lucky to still be here, growing old with the woman I adore, and typing my blog.

In my thirty-year bout with cocaine, I could not conceive of poisoning my product. There are several things wrong with that scenario, the least of which is there is no repeat business, no word-of-mouth, and there might also be other legal issues.

Thank you Mr. Understatement.

You can shut the fuck up now.

Talk about dipshits.

Sarah Palin.

Won’t take a shot.

Got Covid.

I guess she showed us.

With all the work shortage and labor issues, you don’t hear of a big need for soldiers anymore. For a while, military branches were shelling out some serious cash in their fifty-thousand dollar Cash for Killers program.

And now that we’ve restocked, HELLO UKRAINE.

To encapsulate, we have enough people to stick our noses into everybody else’s business and to go to war, but not enough people to go to work to pay for it.

Southwest Airlines has reinstated serving alcohol on flights lasting over 176 miles. Some of my most memorable flights were on Southwest Airlines.

But why 176?

I could still pop a couple of those mini-bottles on a hundred-mile flight.

Back in the day, you lost a war, you lost your country to the conquerors.

Consider that.

We’d all be speaking Vietnamese.

I see with the recent rollercoaster ride that was Facebook, new Zeta CEO (who else?)  Mark Zuckerberg lost over 30 billion dollars of his net worth. I can’t figure out what is worse; the fact he lost that money in a single day on the market, or the fact that he had 30 billion dollars to lose.

I don’t feel sorry for him.

I see Old Bugeyes (Susan Sarandon) spoke without thinking and pretty much ensured that she won’t ever have to worry about rapid response times from the police.



Here’s a song:

July, You’re a Woman

Stay well.

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