Where is the Good News?

Kiss my ass Jeff Bezos.

Let’s start with that.

He already owns everything, and with a current net worth north of 175 billion dollars, could buy it if he wanted.

His playground is not just confined to our globe.

The majesty of a sunset over a mountain lake isn’t enough for him. A sunrise over the Alps isn’t enough.


So now, he is reminding the world just how entitled he is by paying to have a historic Rotterdam bridge dismantled so that his 500 million dollar yacht can find its way to the ocean. With a backup yacht in tow replete with a helicopter pad.

That does not suck.

He could probably buy Europe if he wanted.

If you’ve read a few of my blogs you know I was raised overseas both in England and the continent. I have a great respect for Europe. Not just for the incredible history, architecture, and cultures, but because to me, as an American, Europe represented a higher level of civilization that was not directed by greed and avarice, two of America’s most pathetic weapons.

But, after seeing this display of ignorant selfishness by Dutch officials, hell, you are just like us.


Willing to ignore centuries of history, the people who built the bridge and their stories, and all those who crossed the span and their respective tales.

Shame on you.

Keeping things Dutch, let’s take a minute to give it up for an overlooked segment of Dutch society affected by the global pandemic.

Sex workers.

My last trip to the red light district in 1980 (a blog for another day) was, as my previous three trips, a hedonist’s delight.

I will go to my grave with a special smile reserved for a Lady Sasha and a weekend spent along the silent banks of the dark canal.

But back to the matter at hand. The sex workers are not considered for state assistance and their industry has dropped precipitously. They find themselves ineligible for aid, yet they are the center of attraction in Amsterdam and no doubt generate more than their fair share to fill the coffers for EVERYBODY ELSE.

That right there is a load of crap.

Where’s the love?

Not in the red-lined window.

I read that the Taliban is now allowing women to return to university classrooms, albeit segregated from male students and instructors.

How nice of them.


A container ship runs aground in shallow water off the coast of a North Sea island.

I do have other things to do on this snowy day, but I’ll fix this right now.

Depth finder.


I see JoJo was crowing about killing an ISIS leader in a recent US raid.


I really made me swell with pride; like I do when I see families fractured, people dying because they can’t afford heat, and kids shooting classmates.

Kind of like that.

How about you fix OUR country first?

Check out this wake and bake session:

jam #18

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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