You Didn’t Think We’d Notice?

America has been known as a hotbed of invention and forward-thinking. Here’s two more words for you.

Greedy and devious.

I think those two words say it all.

I go to open a box of Coast soap, and the bar that plopped out was about half the size of the original version bought before some punk-ass “executive” found a way to increase the bottom line for companies by fucking over the consumer.

Just reduce the size and raise the price. Those two words were very closely heeded by Nabisco when they looked at the Oreo cookie. With apologies to Sam Porcello, the Oreo cookie has been reduced in size and what is really great, is that we are now paying MORE for SMALLER cookies with LESS filling.

Even better, if you want to pay MORE, you can buy the “Double-Stuft” version which are the same as the original.

Another shallow victory for Madison Avenue.

What’s next?

I am sure that somewhere a test is being done on low many licks it takes to consume a jawbreaker. Then the next logical step, is to add a chemical to the recipe so that it takes fewer licks to finish it off. Those fewer licks translates to a figure on a spreadsheet that, once again, favorably impacts the bottom line.

Whores, every one of them.

Wait. I take it back.

That places whores in a bad light and I have always enjoyed wonderful relationships with working ladies, so they will have to settle for being greedy robots worshiping the almighty buck.

I am the very last person to give whores a bad name. I don’t even like the word whore, so I will stop using it now.

The American Way.

Evidently, randomly executing citizens by the people sworn to protect and serve us is also the American Way.

The real problem is with American politicians.


If you want a word to dissect, start there.

The most single-minded group in existence.

When they were young lads and lasses, they had big dreams.

Two that stood out above all others. Those two dreams became their laser-focused end all and be all.

Election and re-election.

That’s it. That’s the scope of their entire existence.

Do something of lasting effect that benefits the people of what WAS the greatest nation on the planet?


Help someone who needs a break?


Ensure our population has equal access to good education, and the resulting opportunities they afford?


By the way, I thought when Jill Biden, a lifelong educator and big-time proponent of education became First Lady, I thought we would see some positive movement along those lines.

What are her and Kamala Harris doing?

I feel like Harris and Biden have reached big goals of their own, but they appear content to “not rock the boat.”

This results in division, hypocrisy, distrust, lack of productivity, and just another thing that other countries can point to and mock. But as bad as it is here, and make no mistake, it’s BAD, I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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