Now, we’ll be going over several notable examples on this subject in this blog.

Now there are baseballs, all other athletic sports’ balls, and then there are the balls it takes to stand in the face of certain death and tell a certain Russian warship commander exactly what he could do to himself as a response to the invaders’ demand for surrender.

I don’t drink anymore, but I really felt like pounding a shot in their memory. So if you are still drinking, do one for Maddogg in honor of the Ukrainian fighting spirit.

How about the balls on Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Go away already.

She was the little pig-tailed brat in school that would tell the teacher the goings-on of every student in class. The only kids who liked her were the self-centered, bull-headed idiots that lacked confidence and self-esteem. They believed her as if she weren’t just some pig-headed fool. Kind of like the followers of Jim Jones and David Koresh.

Another reason to love pizza and Italian food: The whacky Italian Minister of Economy has detained a superyacht purportedly belonging to BabyHead Putin himself. I’m not sure if he is getting much use out of it these days.

Is anybody else wondering what that little BabyHead Putin has up his sleeve planned for the Russian Victory Day holiday? You know as bad as he has fucked up the entire war, he has to give the Russian people something.

If this isn’t a sign of the times.

A man suspected of murder won the Republican primary in Indiana from jail. This comes on the heels of the Alabama prison escape. I’m kind of waiting for Boss Hogg and Daisy Duke to go running across the screen next.

And how about good old Jack Dawson, er Leo DiCaprio? He’s got Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro all riled up. He could care less about the Brazilian rainforest and the crucial role it plays in his continent’s and our planet’s ecosystems; he is strictly money-driven.


He is a greedy asshole who thinks he is doing right. He reminds me of Jethro Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies.

So Leo had the balls (remember the title of the blog?) to tweet out true information on how Bolsonaro has devastated the rainforest and has made it easier for land rapists to complete the job. He (Bolsonaro) is the personification of greed.

I mean, who does he think he is?

An American?

It’s nice to hear that people are starting to go back to work.

The worker has the gun now.

Want me to do what? Work overtime?

Fat chance.

Here’s a thought.

Pay them.

Make the jobs lucrative for the employee to want to stay there and belong to something fun, profitable, and that works with their busy life schedule.


I have great respect and empathy for the restaurant GM’s and their staffs.

The whole Johnny Depp-Amber heard thing was doomed from the start. It never works out when the groom is prettier than the bride.

Stay well.

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