Never Give Up! again

This expression is time-worn and in every parents’ playbook for teaching their children. The expression was famously part of North Carolina State coaching legend Jim Valvano’s final speech in which he epitomized class, grace, and inspiration. His exact words were the statement of his foundation’s motto:…”Don’t give up. “Don’t ever give up.” I still getContinue reading “Never Give Up! again”


I absolutely love it. It keeps the grass, plants and trees green and the results are awe-inspiring. Moving out here, to one of the wettest places from quite possibly, the driest state, Arizona. Keep it coming. So in my show that I performed last week, one of the residents of the nursing home I played,Continue reading “Rain”

Maddogg is a Marketing Genius

(blush) I guess it’s not the same effect if I make the statement myself. I have been killing myself for the past three weeks practicing the Johnny Cash classic “I’ve Been Everywhere.” Believe me when I say that I have had enough of the song, Karen, Bruiser, and Murphy have had their fill of theContinue reading “Maddogg is a Marketing Genius”


Don’t ask me how I do it. Confidence. Anyway, I move out here after spending the better part of three years in a hospital bed or rehab bed or my own bed and LazyBoy recliner. They were not easy. Least of all on my wife. But I felt great after two shows in two daysContinue reading “Branding”