Good Cheer, Goodbye

I was spreading it today for a 2 PM show at Sycamoresprings Nursing home.

It was a nice turnout and the residents were super cool, and totally engaged. They requested ten songs from me and I was able to do seven of them. I had a dear lady who was so excited and I brought her up and she sang with all her might. She had some serious medical issues, but bless her heart, she had real glee in her voice, even though she rarely sang on key.

Didn’t matter.

I was already playing some pretty old songs, but this one girl kept asking me for Johnny Cash so I satisfied her with a rousing “I’ve Been Everywhere,” and I managed to do “I Walk the Line” so the group got into it and it was fun.

They also asked me to do some Everly Brothers and since those fifties and sixties songs usually contain about four chords maximum, I did a decent version of “Bye Bye Love.”

Karen and I were watching comedy shows on Netflix tonight and damn if Dave Chappelle didn’t have me cracking up again. We were just talking about exactly who is considered the best comedian today?

Jim Gaffigan—too white bread

Chris Rock—-inconsistent

Katt Williams—-one trick pony

Ken Yeoung—-Hot and cold material

Kevin Hart—-an annoying little pain-in-the-ass

Jim Carrey—-faded

So, what is the big fucking deal about John Mulaney?

Pete Davidson

Stinko the pair of them.

So, almost by attrition, Dave Chappelle is the one comedian I am guaranteed to laugh at.

Maybe the reason there are so few hilarious comedians is because there just isn’t much to laugh at anymore.

Shootings, lots of them, seem to be the characterization of America’s once-proud people. We can’t, or won’t compromise; we are right and the whole rest of the world is wrong.

We keep hatred alive with each other by allowing gun violence to be our legacy to the world. I am not going to expound by one word this horrific condition to which we have devolved.

Now, do not get me wrong, I love Karen, life, and love (in that order). But I can almost understand how people can watch our unchanging world, with its animal abuse, child abuse, crime, and the promotion of hatred and violence.

I, personally, will not be an easy out.

I will fight with everything I have just to stay alive, as long as Karen is still here. I honestly don’t know how hard I will fight if God were ever to call her. I know that last statement reeks of quitting, giving up, losing faith, and everything that we don’t believe in, but lying is also a sin.

She is my soul.

Two words on how I would like my Final Exit to go.

Sophie’s Choice.

I can think of a lot worse ways to depart this sphere of existence than to get dressed in our finest, crack open a bottle of Cristal, turn on some badass music, smoke weed, and eat about 50 hits of LSD, 50 Quaaludes, and wrap my arms around my girl and say “adieu.”

Here’s a clip from my show today:


Stay well.

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