Four Letters for Ted Cruz

My wife of 35 years uses them all the time to me.


When you are paid a salary to serve the people of your state, it is meant for more pressing things than complaining to Sesame Street for vaccinating children on their show.

Covid is still rampaging through your state, inflation is causing even more hardship, and the country is as divided as ever.

So you think complaining about a puppet is your job.

If I had my left leg back, there are all the usual things you can think of that I would want to do, but first, I’d like to plant my foot right up this puppet’s bum.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not know the future, but in 2024 I predict stories of fraud even BEFORE the first ballot is cast. The Republicans will do their best to appease powers-at-be and the trickle-down might be beneficial to some.

Might be.

To some.

They will push their agenda, which of course, will take multiple terms in power to accomplish.

A great science fiction plot?

If he doesn’t win.

Enough politics in maddogg’s apolitical blog.

Baseball season is in full swing, Wimbledon is always this time of year, and my Manchester United Red Devils have put their faith into a foreigner whose ulterior motive must be the total destruction and dissemination of what was once the empire of English football.

Buy somebody, but don’t overpay, but DO SOMETHING.

Don’t get me started on the place reserved in hell for the murderous human traffickers that walked away from their semi, leaving nothing but the triple-digit temperatures and no water or ventilation.

Makes me sick.

Like when anything at all happens, our TV news broadcasts have their own “spin” to reflect their party views.

Total bullshit.

There comes a time when you must react not at a Republican or Democrat level, but at a human level.

Remember that?

Why would the broadcast on a “red” channel be any different than what the “blue” channel reports?

I am sure there are many loyalists who expect better in 2024, but haven’t they seen how loyalty has rewarded some of the other sycophants?

Not so good.

I’ve got it.

How about a Sarah Palin-Marjorie Taylor Greene ticket instead of BabyHead Putin wannabe Trump? Their alliance would actually represent hope for the Democrats.

With emotions running high, combined with a deluge of mass killings in an epidemic of violence, both parties finally passed a law. Never mind that it is only a small step, but it is a small step in the right direction.

Republicans and Democrats can work together to pass meaningful legislation for the people who elected them to office.

Say that three times.

You still won’t believe what you are saying.

Enough with the Jan. 6th hearings.

Go back to work on the things that caused the people to feel that they had to act in this way. Remember, this wasn’t five high school students holding up signs.

Arrest the idiots who were stupid enough to get caught and be done with it.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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