We Are Something Else

Can you believe those stupid-ass Norwegians who decided to euthanize the beautiful walrus named Freya because she supposedly posed a threat to humans? The walrus would occasionally jump on or in a smaller vessel to take a break and sunbathe. She chased the moronic tourists who would not give her enough space, so occasionally she would put a scare into them.

Boo fucking hoo.

Who was in the water first?

Euthanize the idiot humans who did not heed warnings to leave the animals the fuck alone.

Now I have something to hate Norway about.

Mexican gang violence is moving north to U.S. border towns.

We seem to turn a blind eye up here in Norte Americano as long as the really bad guys stay down south and nothing happens to interrupt getting our eight-balls for the weekends.

The most egregious story was not the one with the headline “Decapitated bodies floating down the canal…”

It wasn’t yet more mass killings on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

This time France was the site for the egregious actions of some citizens who have gone way too far in asking that water restrictions be enforced on golf courses.

I mean really?

Golf courses?

The last bastion of gentility?

There are also a lot more stories popping up about citizens arming themselves to turn the tables on would-be thieves.

I’m all for that.

Nothing worse than a liar and a thief.

Afghani women are finding themselves back where they were before with the Taliban with increasingly restrictive laws and policies. Young women are no longer able to attend school.

Although they promised more freedoms for women, women are still having to endure human rights abuses under the rule of those sick bastards.

And we won’t even mention their policies on gays.

I remember telling my wife when it first happened, that Russia was going to put Brittany Griner in a prison for at least five years. They do not go for Americans and their decadent drug use, or trafficking there, and I don’t buy, for one second, that she wasn’t aware of having her hash oil on her.

She knew.

She was sentenced to nine and one-half years in prison.

Former president Donald Trump got a shitload of criticism when he stated that the proposed swap to bring her home was not a good move to make. I agree with him one hundred and ten percent.

The thing about that guy is that he will open his yap and say ninety-nine of the stupidest fucking things imaginable, and then he will say one thing that you really, really agree with and you latch on to that. 


I was literally on the moon today with my Oculus.

There are some very trippy things in there.

I even thought I felt weightlessness, but it was probably because I was just really, really stoned.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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