I Made a Girl Cry

Arguably my finest hour.

I was playing Your Song by Elton John, and as I was finishing the last chorus, Karen nodded to me and directed my attention to the bartender. She was a pretty young blonde girl and she explained that her grandfather’s favorite song for his wife was this same song.

You already know I am a big emotions guy, so of course, as I watched her tears streaming down her cheeks, my own welled up and I was eager to complete the song.

Songs can move us, lift us, or defeat us.

I felt privileged that this sweet girl would share such a private, tender memory.

I am definitely adding it to my full-time playlist.

I really want to figure out a soulful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as soon as I can get the vocals on a higher plateau.

Girls have certainly done their share to elicit tears from me.

There was a very empty time in my life that I earned those tears, but usually my MO was to never get close enough to get hurt.


When you operate on that level, you do keep pain and hurt out, but you also keep out love and loyalty.

What is conspicuous by its absence is my posting the song in tonight’s blog.

I am so lame.


Another broken promise.

I will post it tomorrow night.


I have been asked to return to Woolly’s on Sept. 23rd, and I accepted.

Buena gente.

One week away from the Notre Dame-Ohio State game.

I am actually attending a wedding that night, but I assure you I will be at the TV in the reception bar until the very last second when Karen makes me pay attention.

If I could find a bookie, I would bet the game for the Irish to cover the spread.

Not necessarily win the game, but they should be able to avoid a massacre.

I am heading out to the concert series put on by a local brewery tomorrow night; should be fun.

I will be heading up to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton on Monday to drop off the contents of my donation box. The people were very generous at Wooly’s and I think they may have put this drop in the two-hundred dollar range which is awesome. The first box saw me raise $153.00.

I tell people even if all they had was a quarter, drop it in, because it might provide a comforting toy for a yet-to-be-adopted hopeful puppy or kitten, dog or cat.

I’m the lottery winner that buys a huge piece of land, builds a vet clinic, and ends the killing of innocent animals in whatever sphere I can control.

I will try and not bring any animals home with me which is always so hard because I insist on seeing all the animals. I worry they get false hope that they are going home, but I also can’t stand the thought of them sitting all alone all day.

Love animals as you love your own.

From the Book of Maddogg.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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