Bigger Than I Ever Knew

I am on record as saying my big brother Ed is one of my biggest heroes and I always wondered what it would be like to bear the responsibility of having a younger sibling. I had a chance to find out when I was in my late thirties. I was living in Norman, Oklahoma andContinue reading “Bigger Than I Ever Knew”


Table tennis. Whatever your wont I love the game. The reason I chose it as the subject of this blog is because 1) I am stoned and 2) Forrest Gump is on in the background and it is where he started playing ping pong. Now I was no Forrest, but I was good. Damn goodContinue reading “Ping-Pong”

Games and Friends

I picked up a nice little Ibanez acoustic electric guitar today, and it felt good to make my fingertips sore again. I’ll have to find a place to practice. I would lose myself in one of the many green Metroparks, but it is just too damn muggy for that. Is anyone watching the Olympics? BigContinue reading “Games and Friends”

The Freakin’ Milwaukee Freakin’ Bucks and Maddogg’s Sport Report

Wow. I was so proud of my Desert Dogs as they clawed their way into the maelstrom that was the city of Milwaukee and Buck Nation for game six of the NBA Finals. Giannis. I’ll say it again. Wow. And the 65,000 maniacs outside Arena? I am a believer now. And how about theContinue reading “The Freakin’ Milwaukee Freakin’ Bucks and Maddogg’s Sport Report”


I’m a bad loser. I know I am. I’m a little baby about it. I pout, whine, search for blame to assign, and otherwise am just an asshole when I lose. Now let me clarify. If I am in a race and there are three runners, I have to at least finish second to notContinue reading “Sportsmanship”