God Saved the Queen

Rest well, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen of the United Kingdom has ascended to her rightful place among the pantheon of world leaders.

No matter what was happening in this tumultuous world, the Queen was always there, as steady as a rock, representing the United Kingdom with class and grace.

When a young American boy, watching a royal procession outside of Windsor Castle, saw the Queen, she had been the Queen for fifteen years. She looked really young to me, at an age where anyone over 20 looked old to me.

I remember her looking radiant.

The large white horses that drew the gilded carriage looked so proud to be adorned in royal colors and golden appointments.

As she was helped down the carriage stairs, she looked to me like she was floating on air.

There is a hush that comes over any crowd with royals in attendance. The reverence comes from the fact that the origin of British Royalty has its roots in the Church of England.

Ordained by God.

For the rest of the world, royalty and the whole king and queen thing is a very foreign concept to us, but to the British it is the soul of their very existence.

So now, for the first time since her father, King George V, we have a King of the United Kingdom.

King Charles appears to have more of a social conscience and it is refreshing to see a member of the House of Windsor that might actually lend his voice or influence to beneficial changes as the United Kingdom and the world move forward.

Those are the changes at the very top, but what else?


As in every paper bill that will now have a picture of the King as well as every ha’penny and schilling. That’s a pretty big undertaking.

But not as big as the job ahead that King Charles III is faced with. He now leads his kingdom into the unsteady future and I, for one, believe he will lead with fairness and passion.

At least I hope so.

It is still difficult to look at the new king without thinking about the beautiful Princess Diana, and what might have been.

The world moves on…

Back when I was just entering my teen years, I had quite the stamp collection. I also had a friend of the family that would save and send me stamps from all over the world from her job as an Air Force postal inspector.

What started out as a simple collection grew into volumes of different stamps, some rare and even valuable.

I would end up trading them for fifty peyote buttons to a girl I met on a Sioux Indian reservation.

She was good looking and drove a tricked-out GMC pickup.

Her family received a big fat check every month, so she was a pretty good girlfriend for a while.

Plus she got sacks of fresh peyote buttons supposedly to be used for religious ceremonies.

And that did not suck.

God save the King.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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