Don’t Give Up

Don’t ever give up.

I still have a handwritten Thank You card signed by Jim Valvano after I donated to his fund.

It is hard not to like this coach who achieved such heights only to be stricken down by cancer.

He cost me a chance to win a $5000.00 NCAA Basketball pool. For once I had finally picked the right team. Everyone had conceded the championship to the crew from the University of Houston which featured future NBA legends Akeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler.

Jimmy V didn’t get that memo, the one that said there was no way a team with ten losses could even stay with this group whose aerial prowess had earned them the baddest-ass nickname of all-time.

Phi Slamma Jamma.

I had them in the pool, and you can bet I was already spending the money.


So my brother and I go to visit my Dad in the cardiac unit, and we are screaming our asses off at the television because it was Monday night and the championship game was being played. I’m sure all these patients, teetering on the precipice of death, were enjoying our screams and curses which lasted until the final tip-in of the game once again, sending me to the stocks.


Then we were very quiet.

So I went to this open mic in the little town of Franklin for their open mic. This was AFTER I did about five songs at another open mic at the Lucky Star Brewery.

We got the crowd going tonight; it was cool.

I was starting to get a little disappointed in not booking very many gigs yet, but tonight I thought One more time…so I went to a second open mic which I knew was hosted by a local player that plays everywhere. I told him I wasn’t getting that many gigs, and after I played a short set for him, he told me that he might be able to help get me a few. He has got a country boy’s country voice which I feel is a compliment of the highest order. His name is Heath Bowling and you can check him out on FB.

I was also able to get him to commit to play a few of the charity Christmas shows I am putting on for the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.

So my perseverance paid off; my sojourn bore fruit.

I was holding out hope that the blues band I auditioned for (and was hired) would call back and get it together, but it is too many differing agendas, the exact reason I did not have any plans whatsoever to join a band when we moved out here.

Oh well.

I admit I was seduced by having a full five-piece band behind me.

The drums pounding.

The bass crushing it.

The electric guitar maestro.

I told Karen that I was absolutely NOT going to consider joining this group no matter WHEN they call (if they ever do).


Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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