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A British teacher had an affair with his student, married her, and had two children with her.

So what was his punishment for what in America might be considered felony charges?

Well, he faced no jail time.

He paid no fines.

His name was removed from the Teaching Registry.


Hard cheese.

His ass would be sitting in a jail cell if he pulled that shit in this country.

He would not be safe.

What the hell does North Korea have to do to get the world’s attention? They have all but set the plate to launch missiles directly at South Korea and who knows where else?

They are like the mean fat kid who pushes kids as far as he can by seeing what he can get away with. Hopefully, it appears later than sooner, the bullied kid will respond with an unexpected punch in the nose.

Tornadoes are fucking with Oklahoma again.

The Domestic Despot has spent time huddled in the hallway closet with our two dogs (then) Clancy and Rambo whilst destructive tornadoes ripped apart what man has built like tinker toys, uprooting, and destroying everything in its path.

I remember when we lived in Norman Oklahoma and I too, spent time huddled with about a dozen customers in my walk-in cooler.

As it was, we definitely needed the extra protection because when we emerged after the tornado passed through, two cars were completely thrown through our front store windows and they were sitting in my dining room.

Now the Powerball lottery jackpot is the largest ever.

I just don’t believe the odds, as astronomical as they are, reflect the real miniscule chance the average person has of winning this multi-generational wealth.

Think of how many billionaires there are on the planet. What would be the big deal with spending a paltry million dollars on tickets for any one of them?

As much as I like to brag about Miamisburg, my own little Midwest Mayberry, just a few short miles up the road, Dayton is one of the most violent cities I have ever lived near. Every day another story of a murder or murders there is published.

It’s a little bit scary, because I play music in bars and many are near the violence reported in the news.

Dying onstage, as fucked up as the dying part would be, would be epic.

But Maddogg is in no hurry to do so.

Brits in the news again… An East Londoner, a tourist, was killed after being dragged, kicked, and beaten to death by a mob of policemen in Dubai.

What the fuck were you thinking when you decided to pull into Dubai for some sightseeing?

A fatal mistake.

Jesus Christ, the streets of America are not safe and you want to go sightseeing in foreign countries with ridiculously unfair and sometimes cruel legal systems?

If there even is a system of justice.

As sorry as I am for the family, I have to think them getting any justice over there is a losing proposition.

But I hope not.

Stay well.

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