Wacky World

A British teacher had an affair with his student, married her, and had two children with her. So what was his punishment for what in America might be considered felony charges? Well, he faced no jail time. He paid no fines. His name was removed from the Teaching Registry. Ouch. Hard cheese. His ass wouldContinue reading “Wacky World”

“X” Marks the Spot

In my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!, I list emotions under every letter of the alphabet. Check out my preface and the short story illustrating the letter “X”: X Since I live in one of the nation’s driest areas (Phoenix, Arizona), my first instinct under this difficult heading was xeric, or pertaining to dryContinue reading ““X” Marks the Spot”


Not only one of the greatest sports stories ever made into film, but here come the Hoosiers of War. Ukraine. Whatever happens from this point on and I can only unfortunately think it will be terrible for the Ukrainians, they have shown that you don’t fuck around with their country. Except in the movie, theContinue reading “Hoosiers”

Selling the House Day 2

We met with a third realtor this morning and it was a slam dunk. The guy works my neighborhood and I have seen his newsletters for at least 15 years circulating through it. His figures were high, but not too high, according to this 35-year veteran of the real estate game. He’s not as high-poweredContinue reading “Selling the House Day 2”