New Friends

I had a great time performing for the Symphony @Centerville Nursing Home today.

I was supposed to have three acts, but both were unable to help, so Maddogg did the 90-minute show and had a blast doing so. As always, I made a few new friends along the way including Norma, a lovely soul who was slowly headed to her room, but stopped long enough to have a lovely conversation with me.

I stopped at the desk to tell them how very much I appreciate what they were doing in service to the elderly (who you calling elderly?). I mean. let’s face it, there is every possibility I could need help before I leave for good.

I stood before the assembled residents, about thirty strong, and I held up two cards. I asked them “Do you want the slow and easy senior song list, or Do you want me to ROCK THE HOUSE with this other list?

Surprisingly strong voices voted to rock.

Maddogg’s kind of peoiple.

I threw both blank cards in the air.

The Activities Director was a babe (“Down Maddogg! Down Boy!”) and that was definitely a plus for the duration of the show. I had only figured on playing a 30-minute set, but ended up freestyling much to the delight of my audience. I even did a few instrumentals: Up the Lazy River, and my newest invention: Dueling Guitar. They gave a robust ovation after I did Johnny Cash’s I’ve Been Everywhere, always a crowd-pleaser.

I also took the time to tell them of my way back from physical therapy and the importance of not skipping it, and I told them what respect I have for their caretakers and how honored I am to play for them.

No joke.

I prepared and played for them with all the passion I had to give today, just as I would for a hundred-thousand strong audience, or hell, who am I kidding?

I practice like that.

My next gig is a thirty-minute set for the Purrfect Additions Cat Rescue Holiday Bazaar. It is this Sunday and it is up in Dayton. I go on at 2 PM. If you are in the area, do drop in, and let’s see if Maddogg can convince you that you need a rescued kittykat to share your life with.

Moving as much as we did when I was growing up, I was always making new friends and mainly not by choice. I had six different high schools I attended and in retrospect, I think it made me an extrovert by necessity.

Maddogg definitely an acquired taste.

I can’t overstate the importance and value of friends.

I’ve always been friendly, but I made and lost touch with friends in six different countries, and I always find myself in awe of the guy who can throw an arm around his best bud and say “See this dumb sonofabitch? I’ve known him since second grade!”

The only people still alive that knew me in second grade are my brother and sister. Of course, I’m sure Miss Warren, my first crush, is gone, and I have no idea how many, if any, of my classmates are still living.

I’ve made some new friends here in Miamisburg, and I am really hoping the weather drops and we can get a white Christmas.

I better get busy with the shopping list.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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