“Two women enter, one woman leave.”

Entering first is that scrappy little gun rights activist Lauren Boebert from Colorado.

Behind her, Marjorie Taylor Greene, the only woman on planet Earth past or present, that can make Sarah Palin look like a brilliant orator.

Both staunch MAGA Republicans, the press, who has nothing better to do but try and manufacture a story where there is none, is “fanning the flames” trying to goad both women into a full-blown cat fight.

I’m thinking Boebert catches MTG with a couple quick jabs to start the first round, but by the third round, the larger, more odorous Greene would wear her opponent down.

Just a matter of time.

So one female rapper whom I do not know shot another black female rapper whom I don’t know in both feet.

What was it that Bob Seger said?

Oh yeah.

Turn the Page.

So Vladimir “cue ball, side pocket” Putin has finally slipped and used the “w” word when referring to the war that he is getting his ass kicked by Ukraine.

Oh yeah, that war.

Let me let you in on something Charlie Brown look-a-like, when you kept referring to the war as a conflict, skirmish, altercation, problem, battle, or whatever other horseshit Russian word came out of your empty head, everyone else on the planet knew you were referring to the unjust war and your illegal occupation, genocide, and destruction of an independent nation.

That war.

Staying on the subject, those wacky Iranians are issuing warnings to President Zelensky.

How fucking stupid are they?

Do they not see that this is one badass ex-comic?

So I got sucked in again on a click-bait story about someone’s opinion on worst overacting performances.

I couldn’t resist.

I fully agreed with the biggest display of Virginia Smoked Ham in the form of the overacting Faye Dunaway as she embarrassed herself for the duration of Mommie Dearest.

I disagree with the inclusion of Al Pacino’s immortal role as the Cuban gangster Tony Montana.

I didn’t think it was overacting at all.

I think it was bad acting.

His accent was totally off and he slipped in and out of his ethnicity on too many occasions.

And who was going to be the one to pull him aside and whisper in his ear?


No one.

He had already received three straight Best Actor nominations from 1973-75, and many people feel his performance as Michael Corleone in The Godfather was woefully underappreciated, so it should have been four.

Just sayin…

He was in absolutely no danger at all of being nominated for his role in Scarface.

No one had the stones or the clout to pull him aside and say “Your accent sucks. You do not sound anything at all like a Cuban refugee.”

But everyone knows a line from the movie.


Whether you admit it or not.

I hope you are staying safe and soft like my two Cocker Spaniels Bruiser and Murphy, curled up on the futon in front of a nice warm fire.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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