Close Call

So I decide to brave the traffic and the impending Winter Storm of the Century if you believe the forecasters, and headed north on I-75 to the humane society which I represent, and on  the way, I spied a new building sitting out on its own. I could see kennels and a large play area in the back and quickly surmised it was an animal shelter which it turned out to be.

If you see them popping up it is because there are just so many animals in need of care and only so many people, places, and resources that are available to help.

So I go into this new establishment and it is jam-packed with people so I take a seat. After about ten minutes the crowd had thinned, so I get up to introduce myself to the desk supervisor when this tall man, black hair, mid forties maybe, comes bursting through the doors so fast he startled everyone.

He was visibly shaken, and he had a frantic look of anguish on his face. The supervisor approached him very calmly and attempted to get him to accompany her to a quieter location to discuss his issue.

The next thing you know, he was shouting.

“Bitch!” he yelled.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I feared for the supervisor.

And in that second, I feared for all the people in the small waiting area, including myself. Because nowadays, you just never know.

The supervisor was still trying to help the man who was moving toward her.

She didn’t know me from Adam, but here she was, motioning for me, the one-legged old guy to stand up and address this irate bonehead.

So I stand up and shout “Hey!” to the guy.

He looked over in my direction, shook his head, and raised his hands in submission.

For a second I thought, Geez Maddogg, this guy looked over and he didn’t want none! You still got it!

Then I turned around, looked behind me, and saw the other three guys, all younger and bigger than myself, had also stood up and were staring down the potential troublemaker.

It turns out that the guy had a legitimate problem because his biyatch of a girlfriend had waited until he was out of town working, and then brought his two dogs to the shelter.

Girls: take the money, take the house, take anything and everything of value, but leave the dogs alone.

You risk forfeiting your femininity, the only thing keeping you alive if you ever mess with MY dog.

But I digress…

People, quit training your dogs to kill.

Train them to bark and alert you in the case of danger, but when people go the extra steps to train their dogs to bite and maim, they dehumanize human targets, ALL human targets, including your beautiful four-year old baby girl.

And Nancy, please, you all but threw yourself at President Zelensky on his recent trip to the capitol.

I mean, come on, your husband and his beat-up head were only feet away.

You made me blush.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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