Wednesday Showtime at Liberty Place

I had an absolute blast performing for the residents of Liberty Place Memory Care in West Chester. The first thing you notice about the place is its location, at the end of a drive through a very upper-income housing area.

Usually, the paces I have played are not in this type of neighborhood.

The property is beautiful, and the staff first-rate.

Every time I do a nursing home gig, I look at each of the staff.

Do they truly care, or are they just earning a paycheck?

The staff here cares; the dining area where we performed felt like a family gathering.

Very cool.

My little brother Austin McKennie joined me again; he has done several of these gigs with me.

We also talked about possibly collaborating with a possible duo in mind.

I have a jam this Saturday with some cats I jawed with online.

Should be fun.

If we don’t suck too much, I will post some pics or vids from the jam.

Here are some pics of Austin at the gig:

Before Austin finished the first song of his opening set, residents were asking the Activity Director, a striking woman, if we could come back.

Means the world to us.

The longer I play these places, the closer I become to possibly being one of the residents myself.

After the show we were approached by a very tiny little old woman, whose son Glenn  referred me to the home. We had a lovely chat and before we left Betty gave both Austin and I a great big hug.

I was hoping to see Glenn tonight as he has an awesome open mic at his Lucky Star Brewery where I have played both open mics and had a paying gig there, too.

We have shows on the books for the 28th of this month and the 20th of April.

This a crazy musical time for Maddogg. I recently reached out to a player to see if he wanted to do a duo thing, but he never answered me. Then, I got on FB and chatted with two guitar players and we have decided to jam in one of the guys’ farmhouse this Saturday.

I’ll post about that if we don’t suck too much.

I’m intrigued by a band, just for the sheer power rush, but I’m too damn old to screw around with call-offs to practices, or disagreements about the music. It didn’t seem to happen that much in my earlier bands because we were all young enough to not have any responsibilities or pesky jobs, so it was fun.

Now, I don’t have the patience for a band.

After my band power trip, I started the duet thing, and now, solo.

So much less BS.

That dumbass Putin is at it again. (You KNOW I couldn’t let this go). His fighters disabled one of our drones in international airspace.

Do you really want a piece of us, you dumb little imp?

Sure we’ll fight you.

After Ukraine is done kicking your ass.

Stay well.


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