Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Evidently Mr. Penis-envy Ron DiSantis is whipping it out to see how he measures up against Disney and they have responded with lawsuits galore against the Communist state of Florida.

I said it awhile back, but Florida can’t afford to get into a pissing match with Disney; it was also me who suggested that one scenario I would love to see play out where Disney just throws up their hands and with a collective “fuck it!” they sell off their real estate, pack up everything and move to another state with a more relaxed business environment.

Keep your billions in taxes and find a way to replace the 90,000 jobs Disney would take with them.

That would surely spell the end of the political career of Douchebag DiSantis.

It has also been awhile for me to comment on that brilliant political mind of our time….Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Evidently, the dumbass from Georgia did not pass her basic geography test. She did not know that Ukraine is not in Europe. Hell, even Ernest T. Bass passed his test with more aplomb. He knew Kelsey’s Creek, Kelsey’s River, Kelsey’s Pond, and Kelsey’s Ocean!

Who is anybody trying to fool?

Martha Stewart and her withered sandpaper skin are on full display as a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated. She looks like an 81-year old bag that might as well be posing for paintings since they have to use an inordinate amount of airbrushing just to make the old bird look somewhat palatable.


I could watch videos of dogs on skateboards all day long.

I have.

So my girl Lauren Boebert is having difficulties with her divorce filing.

Boo fucking hoo.

The miracle is that someone got drunk enough without dying, and married her in the first place.

I’ll tell you another thing.

If a potato salad recipe is life-changing, your life sucks.

And what is that fraudster Clarence Thomas still doing sitting on the bench of our highest court in the land? You used to be able to tell the politicians from the criminals but anymore…..

I’m sick of that dumbass Biden and his embrace-the-world Pollyanna-esque acceptance of everyone and everything. Not EVERYONE is as open and accepting as you purport to be.

I blame social media.

It’s when the change was made from keeping your business private to blasting every detail of your mundane loser life online including your meals and worthless opinions.

It’s time.

Diane Feinstein, thank you for your service.

Now go.

So Brittney Griner is back and playing basketball in the WNBA again.

I could care less.

There definitely needs to be an age limit for our nation’s politicians. It is one of the few pieces of legislation I would support from either party. The problem is, the young politicians that are proposing the limit will be the old buzzards that they are now targeting.

And the world she keeps on turnin.’

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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