The Man in the Mirror

Finally. The inspection has been done, and we’re getting closer…. I got all our papers signed, sealed, and delivered to quote a badass Stevie Wonder song from my childhood. I go to a national office supply store to fax in our mortgage app. Five times. I shit you not, I was that stoned. I goContinue reading “The Man in the Mirror”


Pulled into Amarillo about 6 pm and checked in. Finally, a hotel which was good on their 1st-floor room to accommodate my ADA requirements. Beautiful clean room with all the amenities and only a few feet from the side entrance for easy loading and unloading. Big bonus points. And another thing that I am sureContinue reading “Amarillo”

Missing (Lost) Items

I am like many, I’m sure, that misplaces or loses things on occasion. Karen just chuckled in the background. Pay no attention to the Peanut Gallery folks. “On occasion, right.” I lost my keys once in my car at work because I was too drunk to find them. I was lucky enough to find myContinue reading “Missing (Lost) Items”