Or like my Uncle Mike used to say, “two big ouches!”

No, not the pain of umpteen unnecessary needles for yet another useless lab, not the pain-in-the-ass newbie who won’t let me even try to get a few hours of sleep, and certainly not the minimal inconvenience of having six stents placed in my heart.

No, I am talking about a different kind of ouch.

After they placed the stents, they placed me in a post-op room for a while before transporting me back to my room. I mean how many times can you look around those little rooms at the beeping machines, the discarded needle covers, and other medical flotsam and jetsam?

Forty-eight seconds sounds about right.

There, under a blinking fluorescent light, behind a surgical mask, and even wearing glasses, I spotted Nurse Yum-Yum.

I know.

I’m a pig.

But not this time.

Amidst a sea of masked healthcare professionals, she stood out.

We ended up talking for well over an hour.

About each other’s spouses.

I felt like I knew this girl my entire life. We shared similar journeys and were simpatico on so many levels. I am very happy anytime I make a new friend, and I wish her nothing but the best this world has to offer, as I do any of my friends.

And this girl has some eyes, let me tell you. Only Karen’s sea green eyes trump them.

Nurse Yum-Yum.


My wrist has healed from where they used my radial artery twice to invade my body. That is some sore stuff let me tell you.

But it could have been worse.

A lot worse.

So I am declaring myself as back once again.

I’ve said it before and will continue to do so until I am not.

The good thing, of very few good things that result from teetering on the precipice of death’s door, is that there are not wholesale changes I am going to have to make.

I am taking care of my diabetes.

I will make a few minor adjustments to my diet, but really that is all.

I didn’t have a heart attack based on my recent five years of life.

It was the 62 years before that got me., and I am seeking to learn what God has in store for me for the remaining steps of my Dance.

I feel very fortunate to continue on, especially with my soulmate Karen. I am actually starting to get over myself and start allowing her to help me more instead of pushing through and trying to show I’m still The Man.

Funny thing is, I am MORE of a man by letting her assist me, because we are a team, and it is what is best for the team that matters. Having played and competed, I totally buy-in to the team concept.

Here’s a thought.

What team are you on?

My team is the human race.


Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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