Used to be the only people wearing stripes had done something bad enough to land in prison or those with bad fashion sense.

I never got the whole “stripes are slimming” thing.

I don’t perceive as anyone being slimmer or fatter unless they are nude of course, but short of that, who gives a shit anyway? As long as there is food, people will overeat. The key to longevity (drum roll please…….is to control your gluttony).


I know; way easier said than done. Another problem is that many people have that one relative who chain smokes at 85, eats like a pig (all the wrong stuff mind you), downs a twelve-pack a day, and still sports wood. Hasn’t taken a walk in ten years and looks as fit as a fiddle (that’s a curious analogy).

But that’s the one relative.

For the rest of mortal man, we overeat and our body changes accordingly. Waists expand and the once-tight skin covering our body starts to loosen a bit.

And a bit.

And a bit.

And don’t forget metabolism.

It is obscene the rich (read fatty) foods I have put in my body spending so much tine as a fine dining chef.

Even on my rare day off and about the city, what did I do?

Took a date to a nice French dinner.

Seven courses.

And I was only 25 back then.

A puppy.

I actually learned a lot in those four and five-star establishments.

The style and je ne sais pas I gleaned in those early years would serve me well when I left the Las Vegas casino-kitchens and started plying my trade along the southern California coast with stops in San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach, and finally ending up in Santa Barbara at the world-famous El Encanto Resort.

I actually stepped down from an Executive Chef position at a high-volume tourist-trap restaurant for the opportunity to apply as a Breakfast Chef for the French master Renaud Defond.

My kitchen pedigree served me well once again, and I started with high hopes of learning as much as I possibly could. His work with spun sugar and desserts were legendary and I did not plan on remaining a drone in the early morning kitchen hours.

Not when Showtime was in the dining room nightly starring the Chef.

On Day One when the Chef called his entire Front and Back of the House staff from dish prep to Master Sommelier to a meeting, he informed every one of them that they were to treat his team of chefs as they would himself.

The tone of his broken English was powerful and unassailable.

Of course I am going to think that.

I was one of his chefs.

I did not last long on the breakfast shift before I was promoted to Chef Tournant and eventually Sous Chef.

On the day of my promotion, Chef presented me with a scarf designating my elevated status to the staff.

A striped scarf.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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