I admire people who use reason as their first instinct before deciding on a course of action. I admire them because I am usually the opposite in my reactions and following actions.

It is a major flaw of mine (I know I just shocked those of you who see me as the perfect male, but really) and I have let ego and worst of all, worrying about what others would think screw up some very good things.

Passion can actually burn too hot.

That’s yet another good reason that Karen and I found each other: she is the exact opposite of me.

She is the most honest and genuinely caring person I ever met and we share differences.

She would never tell a lie. If I had to rely on her to avoid going to jail, here are my wrists.

Lock me up.

Girl can’t lie.


I’ll cheat at solitary to ensure victory.

I prefer to label myself in the context of schemes, some devious, and even though I have never bound and gagged some bad people, set their hair on fire, leaving corpses littered in my wake as I fire up a fat one and pull on an ice cold brewski, doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it.


Check out the story Criminal in my book (previously posted on another blog).

There are times when it seems all mankind have lost their collective reason.

Like this:

Julius Caesar

And like this:

Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Reason is a trait we wish upon our politicians. Except they don’t listen. Red or Blue, it doesn’t matter.

They have an agenda that they see as a stepping stone for some future position that ensures power firstly, and financial gain secondly.

The ego on these assholes.

And we elected them.

People are already saying “just you wait.”

Wait for what?

More embarrassing international fumbling as we seek war instead of fixing the needs of ALL Americans?

More undocumented (no police cams allowed) racist police actions and a return to the old ways?

Why not save a little reason for where it is needed?

This Covid-19 virus is still killing up to 1500 people per day.

Reason that one out.

I will not turn this into a “wear a mask” blog because somewhere, someone of limited mental capacity, will take offense and surely wish ill-will upon me.

That’s not cool.

If wanting the world to be a safe place where we can all live out our biological life cycle without fear or distrust is indeed utopian, so be it.

I’m all in.


I know one place that I can attest with absolute 100% certainty is accepting to ALL people.


I won’t break it down any further than people because that is what and who we are.

If you ever make it to my place and you are hungry, I’ll feed you.

If brain-eating zombies begin to rule the planet and people are ending up being eaten by cannibals, AND if you are knocking on my door with zombies closing in on you…

You’re on your own.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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