Enough Already!

As a fan of the greatest football team on the planet, I have come to expect much more than what is currently passing as football at Old Trafford.


Today’s match at Watford has me wondering once again, what the hell is going on?

Georgie Best is surely turning in his grave.

I’ll tell you what’s going on.

We have an assemblage of some of the world’s finest payers (with the exception of Paul Pogba) and they are being poorly mis-managed.

More on that later.

Here is my view of the 2021-2022 Manchester United Red Devils:

Goal: David De Gea is fine and has a few more productive years ahead.

He is not the problem.

Wan Bissaka: He is a high-quality tackler, but allows far too many passes and players into the box.

Harry Maguire: He’s tall.

Brian Shaw: He has energy, so let him run and set up the front. He is not the best defender, however.

Lindelof: Get rid of him. You won[t even know he’s gone.

Scott McTominay: Homegrown. I just think he is a big clumsy kid that should be traded.

Donny Van der Beek: Play him. He needs more match time.

Eric Bially: I can play better defense than he can.

And I only have one leg.

Also, what the hell is wrong with Bruno Fernandes? It seems like since he has not been the central focus of the team (hello Ronaldo) he is like a pouting child that you absolutely cannot trust.

Someone like Paul Pogba.

As always, my review includes the best set of offensive players led by the incomparable Ronaldo.

Young Mason Greenwood is money.

Marcus Rashford is starting to tease with flashes of his pre-injury brilliance.

Edi Cavani is still world-class and appears to be playing out his contract.

Jadon Sancho hasn’t gained his sea legs yet, but when he does…look out.

So with all this talent, why the subpar performances? Have you seen the payroll for this team that is currently lucky to be in the top ten?

News Flash! That bungler big, slow Harry Maguire just got sent off for his second stupid foul of the match. He is a lethargic monolith who needs to go.

Get rid of him and bring on more elite defenders like Raphael Varane.

The biggest and most obvious problem with this team can be found perched precariously in the manager’s seat.

It is hard to believe that the powers-at-be are proud of this representation.

Return on investment?

Guess again.

Solskjaer must go.

He is not a big-league manager of talent; he proves that with every match played.

Oh, I forgot to mention Nemanja Matic.

On purpose.

Final whistle shows the Reds getting their asses kicked by a supposedly inferior team 4-1.

Glory United.

I definitely have to go to the bathroom.

I need to take a Solskjaer.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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