I suppose the correct term is scrolling because that’s what we do on our phones, right? I saw a picture of this twelve-foot long fish swimming right up on a person who was scuba diving. Now I understand that human beings may not be on the menu for many species, but I don’t want to be the guy that happens to swim up on the one fish that has reached the end of its rope and is starving because there are no smaller prey to fuel up with. So he looks at me from one side of his head and follows my movements and even if he spits me out, whatever the effects of being swallowed and spit out can’t be good.

It reminds me of the stories I use to hear when I lived in Las Vegas. Boulder Dam, (called Hoover Dam in my elementary schoolbooks) produced a load of stories about the dangerous job of scuba diving to clean filters and spillways from the dam. I am sure time adds inches, feet, pounds, etc. to things, but the incarnation I got was that the pay was four-hundred dollars an hour. The steep rate was because (supposedly) there were twenty-feet long carp to deal with. I am much less scared of a regular-non-flesh eating fish than say a carp that will eat shit if it finds any.

They eat anything and everything, so I am not ever going scuba diving with a bunch of shit-eating carp jockeying for position.

If you’ve seen enough gangster movies, you know that the only one doing the real skimming is the Big Cheese. Anybody else doing it will soon be departing this sphere of existence.

Count on it.

You have to keep skimming your clarified butter as the solids coalesce. Then if you want to continue to beurre noir, to get that nutty color and finish, you keep skimming the foam and you will finish through cheesecloth to trap those pesky dark solid particles. You have to keep skimming your fat out of bones and meats, and fish.

I guess surfing qualifies as skimming.

I love those pictures of people jumping on those disks and saucers and falling on their asses. I am also a sucka for any video of puppies running up to a wave, and scampering back as it chases them.


I once broke the wrist of my brother’s girlfriend. We were in Japan in the mountain by some river and we were doing what else?

Skimming stones.

She threw a rock right before I launched my stone which hit her right on the wrist, cracking it like a walnut. I thought my big bro was gonna get pissed at me, but evidently, I did him a favor.

It seemed his dance card was full.<<<Now THAT’S an old expression.

Credit card readers skimming your information.

That’s fucked up. They gave some asshole in Las Vegas about ten years to think of what he did.

Stay well.

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