It is not yet arrived here in southern Ohio, but I’m thinking next month. I’m in no hurry.

It can wait.

The contractor has his crew working on our covered porch and I think Karen said one of the guys was talking about working on Christmas Day. I think I talked him out of it.

I just have to grab a few stocking stuffers and gift certs and then I am all done.

We used to get some hell snows in Japan. Months and months of the fluffy white stuff. I prefer to look at snow as opposed to engaging with it. I mean, if you take a fall in snow, it is wet, freezing cold, and unlike a nice sunny day on Manhattan Beach.

Once again, we have so many presents under our tree that it is indeed an embarrassment of riches.

Santa Dog is visiting Bruiser (nice) and Murphy (naughty). They both have presents under the tree and stockings on the mantle. Once all the presents have been unwrapped, the two dogs will jump right into the huge wrapping paper pile and paper goes a-flying all over God’s green acre.

I am listening to nothing but Christmas carols for the next few days as, like a little kid, I light up for the yuletide season. I will be lighting up the fireplace as soon as it gets cold enough.

I continue to practice and look forward to jamming with the notorious ADogg when our schedules allow.

We got some big snows from time to time in Flagstaff, Arizona, but nothing like the snow in the Rockies, like Colorado, for example.

I have lived in just about every climate imaginable, and I am comfortable in any clime except freezing cold. Liquor used to keep me warm (or so I thought), and psychedelics are especially interesting when trying to find the origin of the very first snowflake you see falling from a high cloud, but there is nothing like a delicious hot buttered rum when it is cold outside.


Remember Luther from Coach, the comedy starring Craig T. Nelson and Shelly Fabares?

I actually saw his nightclub act in the Desert Inn in the late seventies.

He was a riot.

He put the kick in sidekick, the banana in second banana, and he also starred in possibly the very worst TV sitcom to ever hit the airwaves.

I am talking of none other than My Mother the Car. I mean, granted, there were some crappy shows in the sixties (How terrible was My World and Welcome to It?) How do you miss with a dynamic powerhouse like William Windom powering the show?

Of course, there is always an exception and hands down, it has to be the Land of the Giants. I never got enough of the huge telephones and pencils in the way-behind-their-times special effects (think Godzilla with his glowing blue tail effects).

If you are wishing for snow tonight or tomorrow, I hope you get it.

Stay well.

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