At Last

I got the call.

The manager of a popular restaurant in Miamisburg has booked me for March 30th.

He called me to ask how I want my name listed on his banner. In Arizona I played out as Markus when I did solo gigs.

“Maddogg” I told him.  I will get over there in the next couple of days and I will get a pic of the banner that I will post in the blog.

From 7-10 so I figure four sets. I will be starting to record each song in my playlist as I put it together in the next month.

I have to pick up a used PA and I will use my Fender Bandmaster amplifier for my guitar.

No drum machine.

No loops.

Just pure unadulterated Maddogg.

I am stoked as it will be the first time in a long time between gigs.

Three years.

I will take two guitars: my new Ibanez for the acoustic finger-picking and my Ovation Acoustic-Electric with the thinner neck for the faster, more rocking tunes.

My goal is to have my new song ready by then, but in order to do that, it probably means I will have to smoke less weed, so there is no definite timetable as of yet.

Jo-jo, what are you waiting for?

Russia has sent in troops to the pro-Russia sections of the Ukraine.

What kind of horseshit is that?

That’s like Mexico declaring war on us and moving all their resources into taking Arizona and Texas because of the pro-Mexican sentiment that exists there.

No matter what Biden does, he will get hated for being a slow-moving old pussy if he doesn’t react swiftly and powerfully, after which he will be labelled a ruthless warmonger.

I can watch vids of animals of different species befriending each other, and puppies running amok 24/7 but you know what animal stories I do NOT think are very cute?

Any of the stories that deal with plastic having to be removed from birds, fish, even land animals, and there is only one source where they got it from.

The laziest, filthiest beings on this planet.


Google the pacific gyre garbage patch if you are not already familiar, and you’ll get an idea.

Under the “At Last” heading, Britney Spears is finally calling the shots in her own life and she is how old?


There’s got to be a story in there somewhere.

It seems like we had more rain in this last week than we had in Phoenix for the past twenty years.

Pretty cool.

Keep your fingers crossed for Hank the Tank, a five-hundred pound black bear in the Lake Tahoe area of California.

He is accused of having broken into over forty houses, some occupied in his hunger for food.

Here’s a thought: how about we stop running the bears out of their natural habitat and stop forcing them to get what they would have plenty of if we never forced them out in the first place?


Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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