I was sitting here enjoying a 33% THC Sativa strain and I started thinking about all the nicknames I’ve had going back as far as I can remember. The first one in memory is Markitos, which my grandma and mother used to call me when I was young. At the same time, my grandfather hadContinue reading “Nicknames”


I’m ready as I’ll ever be for my audition tomorrow night. I have the six songs I was sent that the band is using to determine their new lead singer. I have checked out all the videos the band recorded and I even skipped my weekly open mics that I do to practice. I willContinue reading “Anticipation”

Teaching the Basics

Here I go talking about a subject I have absolutely no business talking about. That never stopped me before. And it didn’t stop the male legislators who voted against Roe v Wade. As you know, Karen and I were not blessed with children. Even though I have no doubt I would have been a kick-assContinue reading “Teaching the Basics”

Same-o Same-o

I was dining with friends of my father who were from the political arena, in a night of joy and laughter. I slept in a luxury five-star hotel in Paris that cost six-thousand per night. The suite was a palace, replete with Francois, my personal valet. It had a private mud bath and steam roomContinue reading “Same-o Same-o”


Physical and mental pain are our co-habitants on our journey through life. Deal with it. Nice. Lots of sympathy and empathy. I have a very high threshold for pain and I know that some of it was gained at a very early age because I was raised (by my brother) that pain was for pussiesContinue reading “Pain”

Dialing it In

An expression that refers to effort, and how much a person gives of themselves. Instead of fighting and battling against something, isn’t it easier to just “dial it in” with minimal or no effort? I can’t do that. Never could. My problem many times, is giving TOO MUCH and OVERREACHING. Sounds weird, but that’s howContinue reading “Dialing it In”