You Cannot Be Serious!

To quote back-in-the-day bad boy tennis brat John McEnroe.

At a time when many were put off by the entitled whiteboy, I liked him.

Yes, he was a crybaby.

Yes, he was an asshole.

But when his serve and volley game was on, he was money.

If I met him in a bar, I would kick his ass.

A man comes home and shoots his ex-wife and stepson because they were using too much electricity.

I should let my wife see the story, but usually, I am the guilty one for leaving way too big of an environmental footprint. Getting Karen to turn down the thermostat will always be accompanied by some stupid environmental statistic that is probably a big load of bullshit anyway.

It is my penance for wanting a modicum of pleasure before I die.

But seriously, electricity.

I can think of a lot more reasons to shoot someone, but here is where it gets shaky.

The defendant is claiming self-defense from his attackers, an unarmed man and woman. So he puts multiple rounds into both of their bodies because, like all good Americans, he has an automatic rifle and can do so.

Now I might be an old country boy, but…..


If Florida will elect and listen to a douchebag like Ron DeSantis, anything is possible. Even issuing a pardon to this guy.

Man, I know I brag a lot about my beautiful little southern Ohio, but just up the road for me the city of Dayton is always having crazy shit happen there.

Just like a Law and Order episode, a woman walks into a bodega (Circle K) and sets the clerk on fire. The woman was deemed unfit for trial. Just to make sure she just wasn’t pissed off, she will be re-tried if ever declared fit for trial.

So it is in her best interest to stay in the nuthouse until she either goes bat-shit crazy for real, or she gets sick of that, and acts normal and goes and stands trial for her crimes.

Something tells me Jack would have talked Skoda into declaring her fit.

And just to show that South Carolina has its own brand of shooting games, some jerkwad shoots a mother of nine because she told him to stop shooting off his guns in the neighborhood.

This psycho-redneck claimed his bullet ricocheted off a satellite dish nearby.

It is not the very first time in history that a bullet was fired, hit an object, and ricocheted off the object. However, it is the very first time in history that a bullet was fired, hit an object, and ricocheted off the object and the bullet remained perfectly intact.


I don’t give a damn what death-row inmates’ last words were.

The forfeited that right when they ended the life of real human beings.

Maddogg just had the best idea ever. (Drum roll please…)

Poison the Last Meal of every death-row inmate.

I can’t even tell you how many birds that one stone kills.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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