Now Let Me Get This Straight…

A couple, whose adopted daughter died mysteriously either before Halloween if you believe the father, or as late as Sept. 10th if you believe the mother, neither of which is believable and both of which are out of their fucking minds, kept their dead little girl in a U-Haul trailer and crossed state lines with her body because they “wanted to spend more time with her.”

I find this to be an open and shut case.

I mean how on this green Earth can two people mercilessly murder their child and transport her little coffin across state lines and expect to get away with it?

Then I realized it probably isn’t even considered a crime in South Dakota.

Who else on this planet has not seen the memo?


I bet the hundreds of tourists stranded at Machu Picchu due to having their only escape route blockaded by angry protesters believe it.

We lost the luxury of believing that yes, there was chaos and violence everywhere, but not in our country.


The first transgender woman facing execution is asking for clemency as the day of her demise nears. She is claiming mental health issues from her childhood as reasons she should not be held accountable for her actions which included stabbing her girlfriend to death.

Maddogg’s not buying it.

The fact that she is bringing up this eleventh-hour defense move shows she is not bat-shit crazy as she claims. It is actually a good move and just night succeed in commuting her sentence to one of life without parole.

So first she is a man identifying as a woman, and then she switches identities to one of a psycho-bitch victim of her upbringing, innocent because her actions “were not her fault.”


What a load of horseshit.

Which leads Maddogg to say that I think our country has turned into a big pussy when it comes to meting out justice. We are so afraid of offending people and their rights and privileges, that our legal system is a joke.

My stance was somewhat different when I was routinely breaking the law buying or selling drugs, driving drunk, and having no business whatsoever being behind the wheel of a car.

At that point-in-time I had a more relaxed view of the law and how it applied to moi.

And now, some ten years removed from that lifestyle, I still look in my rear-view mirror and follow every law enforcement vehicle I see.


And don’t look now, but coyote sightings are way up and they are finding their way into suburbs, forced out of their natural habitat by the same greedy bastards that fucked up our countryside and built all the houses in the first place.

Please be careful with your smaller pets; the wild coyotes are hungry and have been known to attack even larger animals.

Remember how hungry you get after smoking some killer Sativa and downing a few shots of aged scotch?

Like that.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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