In my life I substituted lies for truth.

I replaced long-term meaningful relationships with loyal, loving women with meaningless one-night stands with faceless strangers.

I replaced trust and safety with irresponsibility and total lack of reason.

But I always knew better.

And that, I believe, frustrated my parents most of all.

There’s a line in a song I wrote, the semi-autobiographical song Crazy Man that goes:

See it really never meant much

I was young and breathing hard.

With a head full of someone else’s dreams

And a girl with a credit card.

The fact that I chose not to live out someone else’s dreams doomed me to a very happy life.

With girls with credit cards.

One thing that we all seem to have done is to substitute substantiveness with mediocrity.

What is really scary is that a whole lot of people are OK with that.

It appears they just want to “do their time and get out.”

What a lovely way to look at this precious Gift of Life.

I don’t get it.

We used to be a nation of limitless possibilities for ALL mankind, not just our own.

We have substituted bienvenidos with “stay the fuck out.”

We have substituted “I disagree,” with “You are wrong, everything you were ever taught was wrong, and your opinion endangers me and my entire family lineage.”

No, dumbass.

All I said was “I disagree.”

We have substituted our own inflated egos with even bigger talking heads to represent us and our wants and needs.

I’m not big on substituting morning news shows which I have been forced to do with the recent loss of HLN’s Morning News with Robin Meade.

I have no doubts the Domestic Despot would love to substitute my misogynism for well, anything, but nevertheless, I will continue.

The new girl who is the lead female anchor on the CNN Morning News show has a lot of potential.

First, ya gotta sexy it up a little, girl.

The hair can be tousled a little for that naughty dance-floor look.

Three words for you for starters:

Push-up bra.

(Karen just thumped me on the noggin)

How about doing that thing with your eye makeup where it goes from purple-to-pink-to silver, and kind of shape the eyes to look a little more feline?


You have to find a way to subjugate the serious newswoman in you and let the girl escape who stayed out way-too-late on her date last night.

I thought the sexiest thing about her predecessor Ms. Meade was her laugh. She didn’t cup her hand daintily over her mouth and elicit a delicate tee-hee.

Hell no.

She laughed from the belly, and there is nothing on this planet sexier than a woman who isn’t afraid to let it all out.

To show how love-blind I was, I didn’t know until it was way too late that Karen was the total opposite of me regarding sports and even competition.

Guess it doesn’t matter.

I wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it anyway.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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