What is Wrong With People?

Did you see the heartless act of an ignorant girl who threw a bucket of water on a homeless woman who was merely sitting on the property of the convenience store where the girl worked?

In the freezing cold, not that it amplifies the hatred any more, but who are the idiots that raised this mongrel?

In an episode right off the TV screen, there is a story of a fifteen-year old kid that has eluded police for a year now.

For murder.

How the hell does a kid get away with this?

He can’t work, although he does look like every busboy working in any Mexican restaurant.

One year.

And what the hell is it about frozen bodies of water that people have to test their limits to see if it will support their dumbasses?

Three parents have left this planet early because they wanted to take cool pictures.

I have visited Woods Canyon Lake and pulled a few nice trout out of there.

It’s Arizona.

It isn’t a frozen lake in Minnesota where you know ice is frozen solid.


And across the pond, six children fell through a frozen lake in the UK.

Two have died and there remain four children fighting for their lives.

Pray for them.

Falling through a frozen lake is not going to happen to Maddogg.

If it is cold enough outside to freeze a lake, my ass is inside doing bong hits and drinking hot cocoa.

I don’t plan on doing anything to speed up my departure.

I took enough cruises to kill the buzz, so I won’t be drowning in the middle of the ocean anytime soon.

I went through my stupid phase where I carried guns and dealt with shady characters, so hopefully, I won’t be dying in a hail of gunfire anytime soon, either.

I never cheated on the Domestic Despot, so I won’t die at the hands of a jealous husband.

I don’t have any plans to travel to any more desert countries, so I won’t die in a Moroccan sandstorm, either.

Maybe an Arizona haboob?

I won’t die in Russia, China, or South Korea.

I won’t die in prison unless someone decides to commit suicide by hurting Karen.

The Domestic Despot won’t let me contact our boy Elon Musk so I can go in orbit, so I won’t die in outer space.

I don’t care to go and take a tour of the Titanic’s remains, so that rules out the bends and let’s throw in shark mauling as yet another way Maddogg will not perish.

Not so fast on the shark mauling.

I still entertain thoughts of climbing back on my surfboard, if I can find out who has it.

I have made the decision and I am now committed to learning how to play lead guitar, so I will keep you posted on my progress.

This week I learned three songs:

Goodtime Charlie’s Got the Blues

In My Life

Born to Run

If you are reading this, thanks for stopping by Jamie.

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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