And The Beat Goes On…

Another child has left this world without getting a chance to live their life first. Shot down in Houston, Texas, a five year-old boy was killed.

By an eight year-old boy.

I wonder if the kid had led a rough street life of crime, if he had a lengthy rap sheet, or he was just plain bad.

Eight years old.

Just down the road a piece, a ten year-old kid from Austin, Texas shot and killed his mother because she canceled a sale that the little thief had made on his mother’s stolen credit card account.

For an Oculus VR headset.

I won’t lie; they are totally badass and provide me with numerous hours of mind-bending fun.

But I wouldn’t kill for them.

Those wacky Japanese are at it again.

They are sending out large, robotic wolves to scare away the ever-increasing bear activity in their midst.

How about you quit encroaching on the bears’ natural habitat and maybe they won’t have to enter your neighborhoods?


Problem solved.

Or you could set out bowls of Bear Chow for them, although I happen to know of two bears who like to dine on pic-a-nic baskets…

I love playing this online golf game and I am not very good at it. I keep getting beat by pretty much everyone, so Karen had the idea of me to change my avatar.

So now I am a tall black girl and I’m suddenly kicking everybody’s ass!

Some 61 year-old witch stabbed a poor little Chihuahua named Bebe three times and there isn’t a punishment harsh enough for people who hurt animals.

That old hag is breathing oxygen that a good-sized plant could be using.

Animal killing should be treated with the same severity as human life.

Little bald BabyHead Putin might be issuing a border closure for the USSR. I am sure it would be to keep people out, but with their deteriorating situation, they will probably have to use it to keep their own citizens from leaving en masse.

Say what you want about Barbara Walters, the trailblazing journalist who became synonymous with great human interest stories and who interviewed absolutely everyone who was anyone.

The lady had big balls.

That other crazy bitch Kari Lake is now finding her own party has had enough of her losing, whiny ways.

I was there long ago.

Evidently, someone is reading my blog because no sooner than I start calling out the police for not producing a murder suspect, in the four University of  Idaho students’ murders, they name a murder suspect.

I have already decided that he is guilty because he looks like that crazy Jake Glyllenhall whose movie about him being some all-powerful 911 operator was just such horseshit.

I can’t figure out why the Domestic Despot likes him so much.

OK, OK, I’m a pig.

I admit it.

I saw this “news story” with the tagline “I Spent One-Million Dollars to Look This Good.”

It showed this young woman who lives in Miami and all the plastic surgery she has endured.

After seeing her in the formal gowns, the saucy French designs, and the all-important swimsuit competition, all I can say is, it was worth every penny.

(Karen just thumped me on the head).

Stay well.


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