This oughta be fun.

The family that took in South Korean tourists during the recent deadly snowstorm in upstate New York should make every TRUE American proud to be one..

In a time when everyone and everything is suspect, trust and compassion won out and the world, for just one second in time, became closer.

Think about these people and how they would characterize Americans and American hospitality.

Now, pan to the cold, dark Sonoran desert where a family of six wait for a set of headlights.

It has been made clear to them they are not wanted, but anything would be better than their current situation, so they must take the chance they will make it to a better life in a country divided by racial politics.

So, if you want to come to this country to put your kids in a school like in Uvalde, Texas, or Columbine, Colorado, or if you want to live with all the bias and outright bullshit of our increasingly hostile legislative branch, then you KNOW they must be leaving a bad situation.

I wonder what their perspective of America and American hospitality might be.

No one signed up for this, a Republic divided.

I like this George Santos guy.

Catch Me If You Can.

Did he stay at a Holiday Inn last night?

How stupid do you have to be to lie about ANYTHING with any expectation of privacy anymore?

In the biggest snakepit of all, American politics.

Pretty fuckin stupid.

George Santos stupid.

The Wild West still lives, or at least a Wyoming Sheriff seeking justice for an 8-year old rape victim by a deported Mexican sex offender is trying to see it still lives. he sheriff wants this violent criminal held in a very white, very dangerous Wyoming prison where I am sure an illegal alien child rapist will be a welcome friend to the chaps who dwell there.

I give him 72 hours, tops.

Why won’t Miley Cyrus just go away?

This no-talent hack keeps getting press as if she were a serious artist.

Yeah, like my Cocker Spaniel Bruiser is a serious artist.

No offense, Bruiser.

So a New Jersey woman says she argued with her husband before shooting him dead.

Well, I guess that about wraps it up then.

So Elon Musk, the ex-Chippendale dancer, is saying it is time for Donald Trump to “sail into the sunset.”

Why don’t you go ahead and follow him Big Guy?

You heard it here first.

If Kamala Harris is ever elected president, I’m moving elsewhere.

Oh, here’s big news!

Politicians, advertisers, and car salespersons are all on the list of ten professions with terrible reputations for ripping people off.

Take a guess at which profession topped the list.

Yep, you guessed it.

Police officers.

Just a microcosm of the whole trust/distrust dynamic. I was always taught that “Trust is earned.”

Evidently, those responsible for protecting and serving us, and those who make laws were taught something else.

Stay well.


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