Not Even Close

I’m not talking about the Super Bowl; it was very close and the game lived up to all the hype for a change.

As a matter of fact, since I did not have a horse in the race, so to speak, I was going to be content just watching a competitive game.

What a game!

It appeared that Philly was pushing the Chiefs all over the field in the first half as they not only built an expertly-crafted ten point lead, but they appeared quicker, stronger, and as they confidently trotted to the locker room at halftime, they appeared ready to continue the ass-whipping in the second half.

The Chiefs did not get that memo, scoring on every single offensive possession in the second half as that old fox Andy Reid did it again.

I still think that Patrick Mahomes played out the rest of the playoffs with the biggest chip on his shoulder. He’s a twenty-seven year-old Super Bowl-winning quarterback and all anyone could talk about was Joe Cool and Burrowhead Stadium.

Make no mistake; Jalen Hurts is one badass dude and I believe Philly will definitely be a force in the NFC as long as Hurts is under center for them.

I can tell you that the halftime “extravaganza” was shite, pure and simple.

Whoever the pudgy headliner was, she actually sang so bad she makes Taylor Swift look good. I thought she was arrested and charged with tax evasion like Al Capone?

What the hell is she doing singing at the Super Bowl? I didn’t look close enough at her fluffy, billowy, ridiculous-looking parachute outfit and knock it off with the grabbing the crotch thing, dumbass. And who is the idiot that thought encasing his dancers in condoms and having them wear sunglasses would make for good TV?


That shit went out with Michael Jackson and the great Corey Feldman.

This is the ONE AND ONLY TIME I will ever agree with Donald Trump when he said the halftime show was the “single worst show of all-time.”

So the second half was all Chiefs. They took the wind out of the Eagles’ sails and won their second Super Bowl in three years.

Anna Paulina Luna, a Florida Congresswoman, had purported to be Jewish except that the female George Santos was actually found out to be a cold-blooded Nazi. And if you need any further proof: she was endorsed by that wretch Marjorie Taylor Greene, she of the widely-popular Jewish space ray theory.

They say, “beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene—to the bone.

What is it with Florida? Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Ron DeSantis, and now Anna Luna.

Now I will be called racist, which is the farthest thing from the truth, but the lady singing the “Black National Anthem” absolutely sucked.

You could fit a mid-sized SUV in that maw of hers.

Big mouth.

With all the great black musicians and composers, the song they came up with sucks.

There, I said it.

Stay well.


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