No, not yet another proffered treatise on a saturated subject.

Aaron Rodgers.

Talk about narcissists.

I just got pissed at myself because by writing about this douchebag I am just perpetuating his yet-to-be-released Broadway smash one-man show while he sits in voluntary solitary confinement to come to a decision on his future.

Get over yourself Aaron.

Don’t get me wrong; ego, in some fashion, is actually necessary and no matter how much they try to subjugate the feeling, invincibility can seep in.

I can’t decide whether I should add Malaysian green peppercorns to my demi-glace, or a light Merlot-Dijon reduction, but you don’t see me calling the local gendarmes to let me check into a cell to make my decision.

Ego is also synonymous with politics. No color lines here; Red and Blue alike are whores for publicity, and failing good publicity, they are more than eager to shoot for notoriety (thank you dumbasses Greene and Boebert, oh, and you can add Kari Lake to that slumber party).

I admit it.

I have a big ego.

I always have.

It served me well at times, and also let me down more times than not.

There’s this guy in Ohio that murdered four people, and who is obviously crazy.

Not good enough.

Second opinion.

They now want to find out if he is merely crazy, or is he bat-shit crazy?

Not sure what the outcome will be. It could either be the much-talked about but seldom-used death penalty, or he could get off and be free to run for a seat in the House of Representatives, right alongside George Santos.

Only in America.

He is being held on a ten-million dollar bond.

What does this tell you?

The rich have an unfair advantage in our justice system?

You don’t say!

So if this crazy, murderous bastard happened to have a million dollars laying around, he would be able to post bond and disappear?

That’s justice brother!

It looks like a horse race to see who will set off a nuke first: Putin, Xi Jinping, or ISIS?

Will this possibility end up as just another prop bet on DraftKings, or is this the year?

Hope not.

All you assholes who ask to switch seats on airline flights:

Knock it the fuck off.

I don’t care why.

Sit down and shut up.

“The Country that dislikes America the most…” so the storyline goes.


I took the bait.

All you have to do is listen to any local news station in this country to know what a sewer it is in which we dwell.

You can show all the high  percentages of all the usual suspects: North Korea, China, all the Arab nations, half of Europe, but I am putting forth that the country that hates Americans most is…..America!

You guessed it.

We are a riotous group seeking overthrow of democracy in this nation. We are no different than much-maligned Brazil, or Afghanistan, for that matter with their own warring factions. Our warring factions wear Red or Blue, that’s all.

May the best thug win.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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