I’m Shaking My Head

When I think of the state of education in this country.

Critical thought is dying, replaced with the ramblings of frightened white people who want to shape the future for young students.

Nope, no such thing as slavery.

Never happened.


Never happened.

You can deny all you want, you can further propagate the lies and horseshit, but all you are doing is ensuring your children are as stupid as you are.

Don’t send them to Harvard, whatever you do. Evidently, the storied bastion of upper-white class education has completed a study that concludes that racism is highest in white people.

No shit.

The white people are racist?

You mean the people that started slavery and tried to eliminate the negro spirit from existence? The white people who wear sheets to hide their cowardly faces as they make Nazi salutes and shout racial epithets?

The white people that hung black men from the trees in the south?

Those white people?

You don’t have to waste 300 grand on a Harvard degree to figure that one out.

Now evidently, it is an offense to “misgender” a student.


Binary is a mathematics term, not a sexual one.
Maybe it is just the old buzzard in me, but I will say it one more time.

You are assigned gender at birth.

It is not pliable, transferrable, or negotiable.

“Innie”=girl, “outie”=boy.

I can’t put it any more clearly than that.

Who knew it would be Montana that would pass a law to define sex in that state as male or female? No multi-billion dollar Chinese enterprises allowed, either!

Couldn’t agree with you more.

So that old bird E. Jean Carroll keeps suing the former president because he continues to defame her in the media outlets.

She should just keep the case open; he’ll do it again. He can’t help himself.


Remember the smell at Arby’s in the morning and early afternoon as they slow-cooked their Bottom Rounds for their roast beef sandwiches?


I say that, had some dumb shit bean counter on Madison Avenue NOT got involved and recommended they switch to flavorless, sawdust-added, sodium-filled and coated, soaked and infused with preservatives, time-extending beef-like substance, just to save a few pennies, they would have become McDonalds’.

I had this brilliant idea that was going to be the solution to high food cost in the restaurant industry and make me a veritable fortune in the process. I was working as Back Of House manager for an upscale restaurant and club in the high-end financial district in the seaside city of Santa Barbara, California.

We were a high-volume operation, and we were in the excessive eighties, replete with endless one-thousand item salad bars.

One pass only, please.



So, after seeing tub after tub of food being tossed out every night, I decided to put the buffalo chopper to use in the kitchen.

Veggie pops.

I put everything except human flesh (except that one time) that was left from the cook line and the salad bar and the prep station and I tossed it all in the grinder. I used egg white for binder with seasoned bread crumbs, and finally parmesan cheese. These were rolled into little balls (#60 scoop) and first deep-fried which totally exploded the balls, but later I found they baked to a golden brown.

They smelled wonderfully delicious.

They sucked.

Can’t win ‘em all.

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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