Happy Holidays

Today marks two special holidays:

Karen’s birthday and 4/20.

4/20 you ask?

The “official” day of celebration of the counter-culture.


Sounds spooky.

Counter culture.

Since I am able to smoke pot all day and night if I so desire, it is no big whup for me to have a smoke session on a Tuesday. Or any other day.

But Karen’s birthday is another story. This year, however, due to the restrictions imposed by the virus, she wants to forego a fancy Italian gourmet dinner (I had already made the reservations with special instructions to have a chilled bottle of Mumm’s Extra Dry on the table along with two dozen red roses). I also had the limo all lined up (a freebie VIP experience from a gambling debt I collected) and stops at all the places worth stopping at in the Valley.

But not this year.

Instead I will cook one of Karen’s favorite meals quietly at home with our two “sons,” Bruiser and Murphy hungrily watching on. I will wait on her hand and foot as she has me for 34 years, and I will keep her wine glass full.

We’ll probably watch a movie or two and plan the trips we will be taking in the next several months.

Exciting times in the Diaz household.

Even before I lost my left leg, Karen has always spoiled me in our marriage.

Now my biggest challenge is not trying to get proficient at walking and moving around, it is trying to prevent her from helping me do things.

God Bless her.

So I have discovered another “racket” I was unaware of.

Moving and Storage companies.

They charge you deposits; they nickel and dime you for fees and charges, they damage your household items, they lose your household items, and they charge you UP THE ASS for all that!

So what if you are unhappy with their inept bullshit?

They ransom your belongings until you come up with the loot to pawn them back.

As you can tell, Karen and I are currently taking our time in deciding on a moving and storage company. We have interviewed 4 rip-off artists, I mean moving and storage companies, and will peruse them before arriving at our decision.

So I will be making Karen’s favorite Chicken Parmesan with Thin Spaghetti, Garlic bread, and Caesar salad. And lots of red wine.

I just now decided this last-minute menu so I will be heading out to the store early in the morning. I will be back in time to make her Eggs Benedict with O’Brien potatoes and Mimosas.

Not to say I won’t be observing the 4/20 holiday all day long in my own way, I will.

So whoever you are, I hope you are with a person who loves you like you are the only person on earth in their life, and the battle is half-won. Hold him or her with everything you got and look up to the sky, past the carpet of stars against the cyan sky and just the slightest acknowledgement of thanks will do.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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