Jam or Jelly?

Okay, your toast just popped up all golden brown and warm and ready to spread.

What is your choice?

If it is fresh-churned butter, you might not use anything else before macking out.

A friend of mine uses a loaf of French bread sliced in half, 1/2# of butter, poi, topped with chunky peanut butter, apricot jam, pineapple preserves, and I shit you not: he drizzles it with about 6 ounces of Nestle’s Dark Chocolate syrup.

Each half-loaf.

Absolute coolest guy you’d ever want to meet and know. A smile as big as Texas. He lives on the island of Upolu in Samoa. He is half my age, weighs 367 pounds, and I just might outlive him.

That’s scary.

Scratch that.

That’s terrifying.

But I am not taking shots (yet).

To qualify my limited expertise in this area (certainly doesn’t hold me back from talking shit), ALL commercially-sold jams, jellies, and preserves are hell-bad for you if you are diabetic.

I certainly do not mean to slight any of the few small producers of naturally-produced and sweetened products without added chemicals and/or preservatives, of whom I am unaware, and by the way, thanks for doing that, but by and large (that’s an old buzzard expression) you can go with a highly-sugared, colored, flavored, jelly-like substance preserved with chemicals (they are delish by the way), or do what I am going to try after we move back east, and make your own preservatives of delicious natural fruit, so you can control the amount of sugar (if any) you add. Or buy all natural stuff at your local Sprouts or open market.

I know I’m stoned, but at bare minimum, that last hit I took just might have been what will be remembered as the embryo of the end of diabetes on planet Earth.

I know I’m impressed; it makes me want to spend more time with myself. After all, I am well-read, knowledgeable of many cultures, fluent in several languages, well-travelled, and a brilliant conversationalist. I could go on, but really…

My favorite “bad” jelly was hands-down Welch’s Concord Grape with Smucker’s Cherry Jelly coming in a close second.

My favorite jam was Strawberry. But oh how I yearn for Bonne Maman or St. Dalfour preserves and marmalades I was served with tea in England. On warm crumpets….



So another school of thought is to remember where I’m coming from on this subject.

I lost half my left leg to the OVERINDULGENCE of sugar. It wasn’t jelly or jam that did it. I was drinking like a fish and eating rich French food for several decades, all the while lying my ass off about my condition.

If I didn’t have diabetes, I would be eating a couple of pink-frosted doughnuts, maybe a slice of tiramisu or two, a slice of Chocolate Decadence, and jellies or jams, hell I could eat BOTH if I want. And I would wash it all down with a SUPER SIZE ½ cherry and ½ blue ICEE.

But I can’t.

I do have diabetes.

Here’s the gig:

Just enjoy that sugar rush every so often, don’t make it a lifestyle, and you’ll be OK.

I wish you all safekeeping and good vibes if you happen to be travelling.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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