Big Wind

Today’s post continues on with a reading from my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!

The preface for the letter “N” and a short story titled Powerless illustrating the emotion needy. Let me know…

The title of my short story is another emotion which I find frightening…an inability to control your circumstances. Power beyond your control. Overwhelming numbers.

Kind of like say, oh I don’t know, how about a virus?

I am not sure of the numbers as of today, as I do not live and die by the quantitative data.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not going around without a mask and I observe all the protocols. I am just not allowing people or circumstances to direct my final years on this planet. I will go out into nature and embrace her. I will travel with my wife, but it will take a while for me to trust enough to fly.

No more cruises.

Karen doesn’t like them anyway, and all I ever did was chomp at the bit waiting to hit international waters so I could take my spot in the casino.

Quite simply, I am running out of time.

We all are.

We are here for a finite time and the clock is always ticking.

Then we die.

I don’t want my final years lived in fear in a country that I love.

I won’t do it.

We shouldn’t have to be concerned with any climate other than the seasonal changes, but now, you seriously have to consider what is the political (read: tolerance, inclusivity, acceptance) temperature.

It’s not right.

We should all of us, each and every one of us, be able to go anywhere in our United States and feel safe and feel assured that we do live in the greatest country on Earth.

Like we used to feel.

Karen, the Domestic Despot, puts it in more colorful terms.

I was talking to her about finding our own little Mayberry out in southern Ohio.

While I have researched the area for homes to buy or rent until the housing market returns to some sense of normalcy, I have taken into consideration so many variables: distance, values, historicals, and other data, but I did not know the answer to Karen’s query: What if we get out there and someone takes issue with my looks (can you imagine?) and you end up hanging from a tree outside the Mayberry town limits?

I nervously chuckled.

NOT funny ha-ha.

Feeling powerless reminds me of living in Norman, Oklahoma. The weather hazards there were tornadoes. There were so many tornadoes that occurred just north AND south of Norman that the National Weather Center’s Center for Tornado Research was based there.

I felt especially powerless when Karen called me from our hallway closet, huddled with our two dogs as a tornado blew overhead. But I couldn’t get home to help them; I had a walk-in and freezer full of customers who were depending on me to keep it together, as cars were literally lifted up and blown through our restaurant windows.

Final thought: you don’t have to be powerless when it comes to YOU.

You are in charge.

In charge of who you are, how you look, how you are perceived.

Dominate your lifespace.

Stay well.

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