Bubble Gum

Remember the big row of bubble gum machines that used to make one last money grab from kids as they would depart the market? For a quarter you could get anything from sour cherry gum balls, mini super balls, and Boston Baked Beans to SweetTarts. The toys in the little plastic balls was cheap, butContinue reading “Bubble Gum”

Jam or Jelly?

Okay, your toast just popped up all golden brown and warm and ready to spread. What is your choice? If it is fresh-churned butter, you might not use anything else before macking out. A friend of mine uses a loaf of French bread sliced in half, 1/2# of butter, poi, topped with chunky peanut butter,Continue reading “Jam or Jelly?”


Just left my Doctor’s office. Great news. Because my A1C bloodwork came back at 6.6. It is the lowest A1C I have ever recorded. To tell the truth (since I lied all those years before), I was surprised it was that low. I mean, the test measures your average blood sugar levels over a periodContinue reading “Attitude”