The Freakin’ Milwaukee Freakin’ Bucks and Maddogg’s Sport Report


I was so proud of my Desert Dogs as they clawed their way into the maelstrom that was the city of Milwaukee and Buck Nation for game six of the NBA Finals.


I’ll say it again.


And the 65,000 maniacs outside Arena?

I am a believer now.

And how about the U.S. Women’s National Team getting absolutely spanked by the dominant Swedish footballers? Only us arrogant Americans were absolutely shocked because we figured it was a foregone conclusion the 44 straight unbeaten streak would go on in perpetuity.

Guess what?

The Swedes didn’t get that memo.

So, the women will have to regroup perhaps with a more realistic mindset as they complete group play.

The stage is now set for a redemption match later on down the line.

Can’t wait.

How about the Olympics?

Will they, or won’t they?

Should they?

I think not, but then again, I am not a country that shelled out 25 billion dollars to put this global spectacle together.

I think, and of course this is my own not-so-humble opinion, they should just delay them to address the exploding health and safety concerns of athletes and spectators alike. I mean, the venues have all been built, the infrastructure is there, just take care of the Covid concerns FIRST, then the show can go on.

But that’s just me.

I can only hope that the Japanese are still true to their holistic past and haven’t been polluted with the Western greed and avarice which permeates the U.S. business landscape.

Screw that selfish couple and their gender reveal smoke bomb that ignited a raging fire and cost a firefighter his life.

His life.

So you could set off a stupid symbol of your idiocy.

Such horrible karma: you’ll get what’s coming to you.

Sooner or later.

I hope sooner.

Enough vitriol.

I awoke this morning to a brilliantly colored cardinal, and it landed literally 4 feet away from me. I was checking out the big leaves on this lush dark-green tree and he (I think it was a he, and why is it the first reaction when naming something, anything, we say “he” but that is another blog altogether) lit on a dark brown branch.

Totally badass.

Of course I did not have my phone with me.

Smart people do that and get the beautiful pictures we see on the net.

I lost my phone on the last say we were in Phoenix and have had to use Karen’s phone in the interim.

After the past 20 years in the desert, it is so cool to know that all this greenery is our new norm.

We are still getting homes to consider from a realtor familiar with the area we are looking to live. It is also very cool to see the housing market appears to be slowing just a bit out there, if dropping prices and time spent listed are any barometers which they are.

Stay well.

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