The Freakin’ Milwaukee Freakin’ Bucks and Maddogg’s Sport Report

Wow. I was so proud of my Desert Dogs as they clawed their way into the maelstrom that was the city of Milwaukee and Buck Nation for game six of the NBA Finals. Giannis. I’ll say it again. Wow. And the 65,000 maniacs outside Arena? I am a believer now. And how about theContinue reading “The Freakin’ Milwaukee Freakin’ Bucks and Maddogg’s Sport Report”

The Week in Sports

England look like they are running in cement boots. I mean, in the Premier League, it is commonplace to see Harry Kane streaking through and past defensive schemes to launch yet another shot on goal. Why is Gareth Southampton sitting Marcus Rashford? Fresh young legs. Fast. Where is the pure #9 lethal striker whose onlyContinue reading “The Week in Sports”