We made it.

4 days and 2000 miles later we pulled into the Buckeye State.

Hot, muggy, but shades of green all over the place.

The Domestic Despot and I went out on our own today looking at homes out in the country. We found a few possibilities and the realtor will be showing us the inside of three before we start looking a little farther out.

We were on 75 heading north to Columbus and Karen got nervous because Buckeye Nation were very aware of my Notre Dame license plate holder. This was evidenced by lengthy but slow passes until we pulled off the interstate.

I will have to make the trek to the ‘Shoe when the Irish pay them a visit.

It can’t be worse than watching OSU kick our asses in the Fiesta Bowl in 2006. We thought we had a decent shot and even scored the first touchdown of the game, but Troy Smith, the Ohio State QB just called the same play all game long. I can hear him in the huddle: “everybody out on 2. Break!

So Santonio Holmes and Ted Ginn Jr, two blazing speedsters who could catch the football, ran past our safeties all game long.

It was ugly.

I have decided that I will be putting in an inground pool if it doesn’t already have one. Even if you only get 3-4 months of use, it is still months away from the air conditioning. In Arizona, your body was either at 72 degrees, or the soles of your shoes melted as you tiptoed across the hot pavement in 120-degree weather.

Who the fuck is the dumbass who said, “but it’s a dry heat?”


I have already found a place that does open mic gigs and I am going to try to make the one on the 29th (next Friday). If not, I will definitely be doing the August 5th date.

I am going to try and hook up with another player/singer to start playing out on a regular basis.

I’ll keep you posted.

In the next few months we will be finding our last home. Once we get the new house exactly like we want it, and living in it a year, we will be taking a major vacation to a destination as yet decided upon.

Karen would like to visit the Nordic countries where her ancestors hail.


No wonder she’s so stubborn (read determined).

It has been so long since I was here, the one restaurant I miss is La Maisonette.

They had the best wild game dishes prepared to masterful precise standards.

All good things, evidently.

As a chef in northwest Ohio, I really enjoyed the bounty of local produce and edible flowers.

I was also blessed with an owner who spared no expense to ‘WOW’ her guests; I served Iranian Gold Caviar and sustainably ocean-farmed abalone from Maui.

I also found a way to put my big brother Ed’s world-class Lafayette Seafood Gumbo on my “special” board. Big bro almost choked when he heard I was getting $9.50 for a cup.

And this was in 1990.

Stay well.

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