Back for Good

What a trip.

It started out on July 18th in the west valley of Phoenix, Arizona and culminated on September 14th.

We are now new citizens of a little town in southern Ohio called Miamisburg.

A golf course less than a mile down the road. The slow moving Miami River (Greater or Little Miami to you non-locals) meanders alongside the old historic homes.

I still don’t know one from the other.

Trees and MetroParks all over the place.

I think I have Karen half-convinced to take up canoeing with me, but we’ll see how that plays out. Hopefully not something like what happened to Fredo on his ill-fated fishing trip.

I’m starting to learn (just like WOPR the computer from War Games).

The movie itself was OK, but it is so updated technologically. I’ve always liked Matthew Broderick especially in The Producers, the hilarious musical with Nathan Lane and the incomparable Mel Brooks.

It was zany and you just don’t hear that word in many contexts anymore in this whacky world we live in.

But the world is indeed zany, make no mistake about that.

Like trying to find a contractor to do quality work on the home you just bought and expecting even the slightest hint of urgency, follow-through, or heaven forbid, professionalism. Sounds frustrating, right, but it’s like the Real Estate gods are evening up the playing field because we did so well on the sale of our last house.

No worries.

I might have blown getting the pool in for this summer, (oh you think dumb-shit?) since it is already mid-September and I don’t anticipate many more “pool days” happening, but you never know.

The little asshole sitting on my shoulder giving me advice does not count.

Ignore him.

The dogs are still a little kop-a-kai and are slowly warming up to their new surroundings. I doubt that sense of security will be long-lived as we are planning a bathroom remodel soon.

They will be replacing the old wooden fencing which the previous owners made a perfunctory effort to keep standing, but we will have 7-foot white vinyl fencing which does not age, discolor, or rot in the ground.

Besides, I do not plan on being the subject of any reality show where the momeowners get royally fucked over.

Not brilliant.

After struggling mightily for hours and numerous calls to tech support, I still did not get my TV working. Looks like tomorrow will start with calls to my TV tech person and my new internet provider.

Just in time for the weekend’s football matches here and abroad.

I think Ronaldo still has something left for the Premier league and being the extreme United homer that I am, of course I am going to say and hope for that.

With all the trades both of foreign and domestic teams, I find myself watching a few more matches than I normally would.

Starting tomorrow night’s blog I will be playing another song with my new Ibanez Acoustic-electric guitar.

Please pray for all the victims of the million-plus acres of fire.

And it’s still growing.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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