I can’t stand it.

The idea invokes failure.

Who are the idiot architects in the grocery store game who are responsible for planning out the best (most efficient) place to put in the restrooms and pharmacies?

“Put them farthest away so injured and sick people have to limp their infirmed bodies all the way to the back of the store, but first put in a configuration of the aisles like something from The Maze Runner to confuse the elderly and make sure they are out of breath by the time they make it to the pick up counter in the pharmacy.”

Or placing the handicapped parking spaces farthest away from the store entrance. I am sure none of the geniuses who came up with that have little blue placards hanging from their rear-view mirrors.

Don’t get me started about the inefficiency of the New (Business) Normal.

What a fucking joke.

Just try to get someone to speak to that you want to overpay money to and you will be sent hither and yon to points unknown, usually resulting in a dropped call or the inevitable needless transfers.

And that is now considered a good customer experience.

Only having to call three times to get something done is a new benchmark of efficiency.

If so, I’ll take mine rare.

Total bullshit.

I fully understand the deleterious effects the Covid virus and its derivatives have had on ALL businesses, but (correct me if I’m wrong) isn’t there a period of adjustment where new obstacles require new solutions and we, as a society, continue to move forward and progress?

I don’t feel the love.

I feel like business is giving up. I see so many empty strip malls and yes, even fully constructed malls, sitting half-empty, in parking lots reminiscent of the weed-riddled lots of The Omega Man, the awesome Charlton Heston movie that foresaw the end of civilization coming (are you ready for this?) as the result of a global pandemic.

Now I am no way insinuating life imitates art or vice versa, but it does.

So there.

And are you ready for this?

I show up at 10:30 at the hospital to start my 2-hour surgical prep. As I am checking in I explain to the nurse at the registration desk that the doctor’s office did not ensure I had enough of the blood thinner Plavix which is a MUST that you are on a regimen before doing any coronary artery surgery. There is too high a risk of clotting or stroke.

They screwed up getting my prescription to me to avoid an interruption, and there was no way they could do the surgery, so as they send me to prep me (shave my balls and chest) and I tell the floor nurse of my probable need to NOT DO SURGERY because I had the interruption in treatment, so therefore we should not proceed with the prep.

I tell the surgical nurse to check with whoever the hell needed to be checked with before even thinking about putting in my IV, but despite my numerous attempts, there I lay with yet another arterial IV hole.

Two minutes later I was told the surgery would be postponed.


Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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