The Return of Maddogg

We know the Satin Latin is back, but guess who showed up at an open mic tonight in the coolest little venue I have ever lifted a guitar in?

Maddogg is back.

One More Time

Two days removed from the Cardiovascular post-op ICU I finally make my way out to a little town called Pleasant Plain. (I wish ill will on that British chick on my Android Auto). I understand signal coverage and all that, but I think the app is personally fucking with me, sending me out to BFE or sending me the absolute longest and most convoluted way to get to my destination.

The venue is in a historical schoolhouse and it is called The Plain Folks Café. As soon as I walked in, I knew it was my kind of place. It seemed that everyone knew everyone and I felt an awesome karmic vibe that told me I was home.

I’ve played many an open mic in my life, and in almost all of them the musicians were not sociable with each other and kept to themselves. As soon as their playlist was over, they were gone.

In the PFC, all the musicians cheered for each other and appreciated and applauded when even a glimpse of good music appeared. Many, including myself, stayed after they finished to cheer on the remaining players.

It’s that kind of place.

Very cool.

I didn’t want to die tonight despite the romantic notion of checking out on stage. It wasn’t gonna happen tonight.

My wife didn’t give me permission to die tonight.

So it was a comedy of errors what with me taking 1 hour and 45 minutes to go fifty miles away, and not being able to use my guitar because I had to leave it at the Guitar Center to have it setup.

So I sign up anyway, and a very cool player let me use his Yamaha acoustic-electric and it sounded a little too tinny on the high end, but down in the first five frets, where I live, it sounded better.

I played:

Coca Cola Cowboy—–Mel Tillis

Next Time This Time—–Jim Croce

Freddy Kruger’s Nightmare—–Yours Truly

I thought I was just OK, but well-received, nevertheless.

I am already planning my return, possibly next Thursday.

Keep ya posted.

Hopefully I get my axe back tomorrow so I can practice and return to kick ass.

The pain in my stump is finally starting to wane, so I am thinking of surprising Karen if she has to go anywhere tomorrow, by mowing the lawn. I just have to be careful.

I will practice the following songs for next week:

The Only Hell (My Mama Ever Raised)——-Johnny Paycheck

Rosie—–Jackson Browne

My Short Hair (Just Can’t Cover up My Redneck)—David Allen Coe

Crazy Man—–Me

I’ll hopefully get more pics and possibly some sound if I can.

I was thanking God every second I was performing because a very short time ago, it didn’t look like much of a possibility.

Maddogg is back.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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