Watching the Telly

I sat down to watch a show while the Domestic Despot was taking a nap. I’m cruising along watching a streaming channel (Netflix) and I hit the exit button on the remote so I can check out Hulu. But the channel will not let me exit. My wishes are being held hostage until I click on one of two options. YES if I want to do WHAT I ALREADY DID, OR 2-if I am an idiot who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “exit.”

So you know what I did.

I refuse to address the moronic question so I hit the “home” button.

I showed Netflix.

I’ve obviously raised my game. I’ve never taken shit from inanimate objects and I can now include business entities to my list of victims.

With the access to movies from foreign countries, the warnings reflect our multicultural world. I absolutely love some of the warnings listed on movies. A Middle Eastern film I watched listed Western music as the main warning.

So many movies (both foreign and domestic) list their main warning as “violence” and that is joined with “rape,” “gore,” and the charming “mutilations.”

And if those aren’t bad enough, you might get caught watching a movie that warns of “smoking.”


It reminds me of the motion picture industry and their rating system of movies. It used to be so simple. G was for “General” audiences, which meant pretty much anyone could watch a movie with such a rating. Then the PG rating which stood for Parental Guidance. Under this rating parents were “strongly cautioned.”

Talk about a load of guano.

Thirteen year-olds have evolved into adults far sooner than previous generations.

They know what’s up. Thirteen might as well be the new 18.


But amidst the furor to put a label on absolutely everything, and amidst the crush to approve or deny every aspect of our lives, the powers-at-be are missing my personal rating.

FY as in who the hell are you to tell anybody what they can and can’t watch?

This type of bullshit behaviour has been tried before.

In Italy.

In Germany.

In the United States.

Imposing one’s own beliefs replete with biases and prejudices are how wars start.

I honestly don’t care to be alive for any type of apocalypse. I truly believe it is a certainty.

Historically, war was bound by a set of rules that were followed by both combatants. There was a sense of civility and even drew spectators.

That was then.

You can engage in that kind of thing only if both sides have rules and that they actually follow them.

Now the world rests on the hope that there is not some loser who believes they will attain everlasting glory by setting off a bomb. They place no value on life.

We also have to hope that that someone, anyone, has not purchased the necessary components to build a nuclear device.

It can be done.

It HAS been done.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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