Panic on the Titanic

I just got finished watching James Cameron’s Titanic for about the 100th time.

It never gets old and I find the storyline as captivating as any.

But why was there so much panic on the Titanic?

I understand concern and worry, but there was no need to panic on the luxury liner.

The trio of musicians didn’t panic; they just moved the bandstand outside and kept jamming.


The Captain was ALL panic and he did the right and honorable thing by going down with the ship with his hand on the wheel.


Why do I think, despite the heroic actions of many, that this mega disaster could have been avoided?

There are a gazillion studies and theories surrounding the doomed Blue Star liner, but my unique perspective allows me to see with a crystalline lens. And of all the hundreds of authors specializing in Titanic fare, I am the only one who knows.

And I will lay you money that none of them are as stoned as I am at the moment.

I’m watching as the panic set in and all the passengers head downward to the part of the ship that is sinking (hello). Now I never got any science-related degree or anything (like most of us) but if it is thirty-three degree water and death below, I will get as far away as possible from those two things thank you very much.

It only figures that the ship would sink hours slower before the water could reach the top. Probably enough time for different rules of panic as the rear of the ship stayed afloat, but it would be way overcrowded and then it would start to sink from the stern.

Man this weed is good.

But I still could have saved the Titanic.

How, you might ask?

Easier than you think.

First you get everyone in the ship to fill the upper decks evenly, from bow to stern.

This evens out the weight and pressure on the damaged hull and slows the sinking process.

In this scenario, that would be a good thing.

No casualties.

No interrupted generations.

And you know that Jack and Rose would have had some pretty good-looking kids. A bunch of them if Leo is as smart as he is good-looking. I’m a Kate fan and I think this was the best she has ever looked in her filmography, but in fairness, I have only seen a few that I know of.

This move would have given more than ample time for surrounding ships to make it to rescue.

And don’t get me started about the whole floating door Rose rescued herself with. She committed depraved indifference (I was watching Law and Order earlier) resulting in Jack’s death.

Lock her up.

I know Olivia and Elliott wouldn’t have any issues with slapping cuffs on her.

Wait, wrong show.

Karen is right. I’ve been watching way too much TV and it might be time to take a break.

Told you this weed was good.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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