Hanging Out

Pretty lazy day but everybody seems to be in a hurry to me. I guess because, ever since I retired, I have no time constraints, so I am not in a hurry anymore…forever.

It’s official: All the Christmas decorations, inside and out, are packed away for next year, but my wonderful soulmate has acquiesced to my insanity and is allowing me to put up Christmas lights in the den all year-round.

She’s the best.

I went to get measured right now for a new prosthetic leg. I am hoping this one will allow me more mobility on stage and in the bars, and I will be testing out a wireless headset mic in prep for playing back out. As it sits now, I have two offers next month, dates TBD.

I am also finally putting my old Fender Bandmaster amplifier out to pasture. They don’t even make ‘em with tubes anymore. I almost hate saying goodbye to the old girl; a lot of music and good memories go with her.

If you play, you know what I mean.

It also appears the contractor’s crew are hanging out—just not around here finishing the covered porch we added on. That’s why you never pay in advance.

So if you have any suggestions for a medium-sized amp with reverb, effects, and at least two channels, let me know.

I’d appreciate it.

I keep in touch with my cousin by this blog and I never shamelessly promote my own family members, but all I can say is if any one of you are in North Central California and in need of produce, see The Veg Boss.

I modestly admit, he invented produce.

He’s also one of the guys with the “touch.”

He’ll make you money.

I’ll tell you another cool thing when I was hanging out with my doggies today.

It is creepy as hell to see entire malls and medical centers, hospitals, and other neighborhoods and parts of neighborhoods completely uninhabitable. It looks like the set of The Omega Man with Charlton Heston or Hancock with Will Smith.

I really like watching survival movies and apocalyptic movies. I enjoy seeing how inventive the writers are in telling the stories and I like to see how far people will go to survive and ultimately triumph.

I just don’t want to be around for the real deal.

I didn’t even watch the news today. I was up early and had doctor appointments.

I didn’t miss anything, I’m sure.

The Platform.

That is the name of the grossest movie I have ever seen. I think it was on Netflix.

Check it out.

Absolutely sick.

I haven’t been keeping up with the labor statistics so I don’t know if people are going back to work, or starting new jobs, or what. I do know that anything of substance that I order for my house will still take two or three months for delivery.

I hope that wherever you are hanging out, you are safe.

Here’s my wake and bake session:

jam #9

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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